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Watery Scene

daily post theme: H2O Of only 800 photos I have on my computer at the moment, this was the best water one I could find. It takes me back to family vacations on Topsail, NC. This was shot in 2009 during a fishing trip…

Bahama Blues

theme: water The clear blue waters of the Bahamas. It’s a shame all the world’s waters don’t look like this.

Blurred Lines

BLUR On a recent stay in a hotel, I walked by the pool and became fascinated with the way the surface of the water looked. I took this shot because I liked how the water distorted the lines of the steps. – Diane

Splash Down

WATER Here’s another theme I missed. I like this shot because I was able to capture the right boat (after about 20 of the wrong boats) and my kids happened to be sitting in the front seat. – Diane