The Red Seat


theme: rule of thirds

There it is, the famed red seat in Fenway. This seat signifies the longest home run ever hit in the stadium. It was hit June 9, 1946 by Ted Williams and is measured to be 502 ft. .

Hockey Action



Since I am late posting this theme, I decided to check out all the other male shots submitted for this theme to try to get some inspiration. (You can see them all at , I think we have a link on the sidebar of the blog.) There were so many wonderful close up portraits with tons of character. I knew I didn’t have anything like that in my catalog and the men in my family put up with enough photography that I didn’t want to ask them.

My next thought was a photo of my dad with a map since men rarely look at maps. It doesn’t matter where we are, my dad is the go to map guy. I have even started to grab a shot of him and his maps every time we are at a theme park or on vacation. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any because my photos are still being re-organized from “the great computer clean up of 2013”. (5,000 of the 40,000 done so far)

Moving on to idea number 3. Hockey. At this point, I decided to just go with an action shot. In this shot, I like the skates in the air, the ice flying, and the give it everything you’ve got feel. It wasn’t my first idea but it will get the theme done. – Diane





Ice Hockey is not the first sport you think of when you live in south Florida but we love it. (Go Panthers!) We recently took my son to see a college game between the University of Miami and Florida Gulf Coast University. Kim, my ennui co-author, is a UM fan but I had to cheer for FGCU as that is where my daughter is a student. (Go Eagles!) I was thrilled to capture this shot where you could see the puck just before it sailed over the line and “tickled the twines” as the announcers like to say. The game was exciting although I must admit UM won 5 – 4.  – Diane

Shooting Hoops

activity invisible_edited-1


I’m trying to be a little creative here. This may only make sense in my mind but I hope you get the idea. The theme is activity.  I chose this shot, which is void of the actual activity, because honestly, I’m not sure I will ever get to use it for anything else and I really like it. Hopefully you instantly recognize what activity would be taking place if I was not standing directly under the hoop shooting straight up to the sky. I don’t know what possessed me to take this shot (probably just because I am short and have to walk under it every time I park my car in the driveway) but I love the result. I will have to remember to look up more often and try to get all angels of the subject.  – Diane