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On Guard

Daily Post theme: security Nothing makes me feel more safe and secure than a dog at the end of my bed when my husband is out-of-town. This is Freckles. She belongs to my daughter although I would totally dognap her if I thought I…

Out of the Shadows

Daily Post theme: Shadow I love catching the dogs sunbathing in the sunny spots. This time I caught them fighting over the sunny spot. Sport is the clear winner and wants the other two gone. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/shadow-2017/

Morning Light

This was taken before getting out from under the covers! My favorite, furry foot warmer Bailey was looking out the window and I love how the morning sunlight framed her. Kim  Daily Post Photo Challenge- Morning

Softer than Soft

Photo Friday Theme:  Soft This sweet little cat is Rue. She is my daughter’s cat and is named after a character from the book, “The Hunger Games.” Rue is sweet as can be but is also a tough kitty – she rules over the household…

Me and My Shadow

SHADOW While practicing some lighting and portrait photography I snapped this shot of my dog, Sport, as he found his shadow. – Diane

Anybody Home?

LONESOME I’m guessing my dog, Sport, was feeling a little lonely and decided to see if any of the neighbors were around. Poor little guy. – Diane


  PETS This is our dog, Sport. He is a mischievous little guy. He is 8 years old and gets into everything. His favorite pastime is getting q-tips from the bathroom trash can and eating them. Gross! Another favorite of his is to catch…


NATURAL LIGHT This is Mack. I believe he is a 4-year-old blot hound. He belongs to my in-laws.  They weren’t looking for a dog but after seeing him on the news, they knew he should be a part of their family. Mack was a…

My Bailey

photo friday theme – pets Meet my dog Bailey. She is our second family dog adopted from the Human Society. I remember the girls picking her out from a litter of pups and her riding home in the lap of my daughter while she…

A Familiar Face

FAMILIAR FACES Oh Sport. You really know how to make someone feel guilty. Those sad little puppy dog eyes staring at me, begging me to give some love and attention. Wait a minute… those are Cheeze-Its in that bowl. Is this just a trick…