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Curious and Caitlyn

CANDID I know this isn’t the best portrait shot with a very bright sun casting shadows on my daughter’s face but I still love it. Every time I see it, it makes me smile. As a parent, I think the photos I cherish most…

The Green Monster

GREEN Green is the perfect theme for this photo for 3 reasons. 1. This is the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL. Obviously the coaster itself is green. 2. That is my family (without me) in the third row from…

Splash Down

WATER Here’s another theme I missed. I like this shot because I was able to capture the right boat (after about 20 of the wrong boats) and my kids happened to be sitting in the front seat. – Diane

Every Girl’s Dream Home

ARCHITECTURE The Disney World Cinderella Castle standing tall above the tree line in Orlando, Florida. A must see for every little girl who dreams of being a princess.  – Diane

An Icy Scene

  FROZEN This Nativity was hand carved from 520 blocks of ice. It was on display at the Gaylord Plams in Orlando, FL in 2008 as part of their annual ICE! show. The show is a walk through event with rooms full of larger…