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Hustle and Bustle

photo friday theme: street scene New York City street scene – Diane

Big City Grunge

THE BIG CITY I used one of my favorite Elements techniques on the above photos. The grunge effect. I love how it gives city photos an edgy character. – Diane

The Mean (mini) Streets of the City

ON THE ROAD I snapped this in New York City and used the tilt-shift effect on it. I love how it looks like a model with little toy cars. – Diane

King of the Beasts

  BEASTS I took this photo while in a New York City museum. (I know, that narrows it down, right.) I know it is some kind of tribal mask and I am hoping I have more information on it somewhere. I chose it for…

The View From Above

  METROPOLIS Metropolis was one of the hardest themes for me so far. I don’t really go to big cities often. I think I’m going to put that on my to do list. I live near Miami but I rarely go there and I…

Below The Balconies

PATTERN I have always loved photos of fire escapes and patterns in buildings. These particular balconies are on an apartment building in New York City.  I used the neon edges filter to make the pattern of these balconies pop out for the theme. –…