A Walk In The Garden

A Walk in the Garden



I always say I need to get out more and explore the great things that surround me.  The Morikami museum and Japanese gardens in Delray, Florida was one of them. Kim and I spent a day here taking a photo hike through the beautiful gardens. It was gorgeous and a place I hope to return to for another photo hike. – Diane

A Little Too Much Space

A Little Too Much Space



This bridge was being built next to the Hoover Dam. My first thought was who in the world will want to drive over a bridge that far up? My second thought was how do you build a bridge that far up? To me, the answers to these questions didn’t really matter. I wasn’t building it and I would certainly not be driving over it. – Diane

The End Of Summer?

= Dania Beach 8/5/2011 =



The end of summer. A time when everyone begins to move indoors.  A time when the beaches become deserted and ice cream is eaten less often.

Wait a minute, this is Florida. The summer never really ends. Stay outside, eat ice cream and enjoy those sandy beaches.  – Diane

Watching The Sunset

Watching The Sunset_edited-1



I know the theme is body of water, and there is water in this shot but, I love the sky. My daughter and I knew the sunset on this day would be dramatic because of the clouds, so we went out to find a spot to sit and watch. This little pond was in front of a housing development her friend lives in. I chose this shot for a water theme because the ducks were in the foreground. Once they figured out we weren’t feeding them, the left and my focus returned to the sky. – Diane