Rainbow Bridge

LakePowellPhoto Friday Theme – Panorama by Kim

This was one of my favorite vacations with our close friends where we rented a houseboat for a week on Lake Powell. We spent the day playing on jet skis, tubing, and the slide from the top of the houseboat! We docked at different locations every few days enjoying each of the breathtaking views, enjoying conversation, friendship and family time!

One of the days, we took a trip to Rainbow Bridge in Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Utah. We reached this destination by boat on Lake Powell. After docking, there was a short walk up to the majestic arch. We took many photos of the area but were not permitted to walk under Rainbow Bridge because, it said, the American Indians consider it a sacred religious site.

Lake Powell

theme – shades of grey

lake powell

Anyone who has has ventured in a houseboat around Lake Powell in Page, Arizona KNOWS this is anything but shades of grey. The colors in the sky are reflected in the water and mountains that makes for gorgeous landscape photos. I wanted to try to take one and convert it successfully to black and white. I always admire those that can make a crisp, beautiful black and white print. Although it is not quite where I want it, I feel it has highlights, low lights and all the detailed grey in between. Time to do a little research on this subject. –Kim

PS: It truly was not so easy to convert to black and white. So many photos don’t make the cut and when they do it takes much tweaking to get it right!