Reel Dancing


Photo Friday Theme – Movement by Kim

This photo for the theme movement I pulled out of the irish dancing archives at an event before a Florida Panther’s game. I used to love to photograph irish dance. I worked out the timing on all of the dances and knew when to catch those incredible leaps the girls achieve in their reels and jigs!

My daughter Caitlin no longer dances, but I look back at the times with our friends and the beautiful dance as some of my favorites.

PS: Happy Birthday Caitlin!

old friends

theme – familiar faces


It is so nice to see a familiar face – even more so after time has passed. The two “Caitlins” above danced for many years together,┬ábut my daughter had to transfer dance schools to keep dancing her freshman year. Now a junior in college and her friend Caitlin just graduated college and an irish dance instructor herself, so it was great to see her dancers and leadership at the performance we attended. – Kim