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Kim’s 30 Days of Home – week 2

Chores –  List of things to accomplish with my photos on my phone and computer… a never ending chore. Not Now- Bailey always ready to play. She looks like she’s pouting when I tell her not now! Play – Painting with oils is my…

Morning Light

This was taken before getting out from under the covers! My favorite, furry foot warmer Bailey was looking out the window and I love how the morning sunlight framed her. Kim  Daily Post Photo Challenge- Morning

Bailey The Destructor

The photo above was not great quality but I had fun putting in the Sketch It App.  Kim and Diane Theme: Stuffed Animal This theme is dedicated to my sweet german shepherd mix, Bailey, who when given any stuffed toy becomes “The Destructor.”  She…

Winter’s path

Photo Friday Family – Thanks for voting this as a top fan favorite this week!WINTER by Kim O’Neill Our shepherd, Bailey, coming in from a new snow.

You Talkin’ to Me?

Photo Friday Theme – Shadows by Kim Meet Rue named after a character in the Hunger Games book by my daughter Meg. She is always looking for the warmest spot in the house, so finding a shadow nearby is not hard! What is hard…

Snow Beast

 Photo Friday Theme – Beast Our shepherd Bailey has been pegged as one who thinks she is a “lap dog.” She loves to hang out with the family on the couch, go for walks and basically just likes to be where we are.  The…

My Bailey

photo friday theme – pets Meet my dog Bailey. She is our second family dog adopted from the Human Society. I remember the girls picking her out from a litter of pups and her riding home in the lap of my daughter while she…

Doggone Dreaming

theme – at rest My dog Bailey loves to sit on the couch and hang her little head over the back pillow… resting and doggy dreaming. I used photoshop and liked the effect I achieved playing with the exposure.  — KIM