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Book Bouquet

Daily Post Theme: repurposed I found this bouquet of old book pages in a little museum store and instantly fell in love with them. I wish I had bought a few more bouquets. I added the little pin to hold them all together.  …

Pretty Petals

theme: flowers My daughter picked out the most beautiful bouquet for my birthday since my husband was out-of-town. She also found two local, little mom and pop type book stores to take me too. I will remember this birthday for a long time.

A Shower From Above

theme : wet Getting caught in a rain storm while on a photo hike isn’t always a bad thing.

Mums the Word

Autumn Color by Kim When Autumn arrives,  almost every front porch or landscaping include mums in beautiful oranges, yellows and reds. I had a few stragglers from the ones on my porch and placed them in a mason jar on my window sill.