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30 Days of Home (Diane’s Recap week 2)

READ – my basket of books under my nightstand. CHORES – my actual chore list that just continues in a big loop fabric swatches for my husband’s job that need to be scanned for discontinued ones. Just not when the football game is on….

Hot Chocolate and Hockey

I miss hockey. I know they are only off for a few months a year but it seems like soooooo long. This week my son and I were able to attend the Panther’s training camp scrimmage game to see all the new talent and…

We Need A Nurse In Here

photo friday theme: motion   There is nothing but motion at a hockey game but I chose this shot mainly for the irony in the name on the only jersey you can read. – Diane    

Hockey Action

MALE Since I am late posting this theme, I decided to check out all the other male shots submitted for this theme to try to get some inspiration. (You can see them all at http://www.photofriday.com , I think we have a link on the…