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Protected By Petals

theme : enveloped The petals protect, or envelope, the insides of the flower until it is ready to bloom and multiply. Sorry I don’t have the technical names for the flower parts but it has been a very long time since I learned them…

A Shower From Above

theme : wet Getting caught in a rain storm while on a photo hike isn’t always a bad thing.

The Blooming Wagon

PLANT KINGDOM I found this in a shopping area in the historic part of Savannah, GA. So many great sites to see and photograph there. – Diane


FLOWERING I just love the shine on the petal in this shot. – Diane

Spring, the Sneezy Season

  ALIVE Spring is officially here! (Not that it really matters here in South Florida.) Spring is the season of coming alive. Shaking off the winter blues and shedding those heavy coats. For me, it means lots of eye rubbing and sneezing and coughing….

Sunflowers in the Sky

  SEASON OF SUN I was going to find a beach photo but then I remembered this shot I took a few years ago. I love the sunflowers up in the blue sky. I must give credit to my daughter for holding them up…

Just the Beginning

  SPRINGTIME After 2 days of downpours, the sun came out and brought lots of new life with it. I found these lovely buds next to the stairs that lead up to the porch at the beach house. I was actually working on a…