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Breakfast Dates

daily post theme: local First watch is one of our favorite local breakfast restaurants. My husband and I have started going on weekly breakfast dates and we find ourselves here a lot. Probably too much. I just love the french toast and bacon. Yum!…

30 Days of Home ( Diane’s week 1 recap)

30 days of Home is a new project Kim and I are trying. It is all about using photos to tell your right-now story. If you like what you see and want to join in, all the information can be found here: http://www.littlepaperprojects.com/join-us-for-a-free-30-day-photo-challenge-30daysofhome/ Diane’s…


My husband and I go out for a breakfast date on Saturday mornings. This past Saturday we ended up at one of our usual places, First Watch. This is the one meal a week that I get to cheat on my weight watcher points…

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