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In the Alley

theme: discovery This was a true discovery in Boston. While waiting outside for my mom, who was in a CVS getting water, we saw lots of people exit this alleyway. It peaked our interest especially since they all had bags of goodies that smelled…

Oldest Seats in the Park

theme: pattern The oldest seats in Fenway. Not only do I think the photo has some pattern to it but these seats have an invisible pattern of being handed down from generation to generation within the families that own them.


theme: vivid The Boston Marathon Finish Line. I chose this for vivid not just for the bright yellow color but also because the definition of vivid is strong, intense, full of life, and bright. I think this symbol of Boston encompasses all of these…

8 Little Ducks

theme: 8 of something Around town lately I have seen many little baby ducks with their moms (or dads). It made me look for this shot I took in Boston. I’m glad there were just 8 babies so I could use it.

The Red Seat

theme: rule of thirds There it is, the famed red seat in Fenway. This seat signifies the longest home run ever hit in the stadium. It was hit June 9, 1946 by Ted Williams and is measured to be 502 ft. .

Holocaust Memorial – Boston

theme: symmetry The Holocaust Memorial in Boston is a path with a series of 6 glass towers. As you walk along the short path and through the glass towers there is information and statistics about the holocaust. More importantly, etched into the glass towers…

Faneuil Hall

theme: buildings  Built in 1742, Faneuil Hall is known for the many discussions of independence and the many speeches given by Samuel Adams and others. It was not only a meeting place but also a marketplace which it still is today.

Empty Seats

theme: stillness This shot was taken in TD Garden in Boston before the Boston Celtics take on the Miami Heat. In a few hours this arena will be full of activity and screaming fans, but for now it is calm and still. (FYI –…