morning snowfall

theme – “morning” by kim

Morning snow

Snowing from the sky
Snow glittering on the ground
Making the world bright

by Mary Kamman

Ready at Home

theme – body

Ready at Home
The theme “body” made my mind think of an athlete (maybe Diane may have directed me there)

which brings me to the many years at the softball field.

My daughter Megan played catcher and I was always impressed in the strength and flexibility

of the catcher’s legs as they have to hold themselves in a squatted position for most of their defensive game.

For the love of the game –Kim

Warmest Spot on a Cold Day

theme – my environment/office

office environmentI used a glowing edges filter on this photo. Click on photo to enlarge and see it better – Kim

Serene Backyard Wilderness

theme – environment

my environment

It seems my environment changes from day to day for my first winter in the northeast since I was a kid in PA.

Last week there was a beautiful morning snowfall. It was the kind of snow that falls peacefully.

I went into photoshop and added a little glow filter to enhance the feeling of peacefulness.

— Kim

Late Afternoon Shadows

theme – shadowSHADOWS ON CAITLINThis photo was taken of my daughter who was stretching to practice before her Nationals Competition at the Gaylord hotel in Nashville. The late afternoon shadows from the windows provided a dramatic effect. – Kim

A Topsail Sunrise

serene edited


Topsail, NC. One of the only places you can catch me willingly getting on a boat. Especially before the sun comes up. Every summer I make myself go on one of the early morning fishing trips my family takes. They fish with hooks and poles but I fish with my camera. Sunrises like this are the only reason I go.  – Diane


Serene Sugarloaf

sugarloaf pier cropped
theme – serene

This photo was taken from the home we rented for a week on Sugarloaf Key.

It was truly a paradise. As I sit in 28 degree weather, I am day dreaming about my time there! – Kim

Heart of Paradise

theme – pattern

This was taken at the Bonnet House on a rainy afternoon photo fieldtrip.

Barbara Dix, my watercolor teacher will be happy to know that this makes me want to paint again! – Kim

Below The Balconies

pattern 06112011*


I have always loved photos of fire escapes and patterns in buildings. These particular balconies are on an apartment building in New York City.  I used the neon edges filter to make the pattern of these balconies pop out for the theme. – Diane

Face to Face at Flamingo Gardens

Face to Face at Flamingo Gardens

theme – the lucky shot

There are a few reasons for choosing this as my lucky shot…
I was lucky that the feathered subject was interacting with me. I was then fortunate that the screen made a cool background but did not blur the object.  The parrots were entertaining to watch their actions. This parrot would hop to the ground and was trying to dig himself an escape route! They seem very interested in us, trying to coax us closer, but I stayed back with my zoom lens and enjoyed them from afar. – Kim

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