Doggone Dreaming

theme – at rest


My dog Bailey loves to sit on the couch and hang her little head over the back pillow… resting and doggy dreaming. I used photoshop and liked the effect I achieved playing with the exposure.  — KIM

Yankee’s Opening Day

theme – distance

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This is my first time to a Yankee game, the new Yankee stadium and an opening day for professional baseball. The Yankees were playing the Red Sox (big rivalry!) and you could feel the excitement as everyone entered the stadium. My top picture was my first glimpse of the field… so cool. You could see them preparing the field and warm ups going on. Then the climb to the upper deck, grabbing our beer and dogs and getting to the seats.  As you can see, distance was the how I viewed the game but thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. One to check off the bucket list – Kim

Nothing Better…

theme – candid

by Kim

MeganlaughingThe theme this week is candid – my favorite kind of shots. Catching a moment on the softball field or dance floor of my kids, getting a glimpse of friends working together on Harvest Drive – the moments where I started to love photography!

This picture was a taken a few weeks ago with my smart phone. The quality was not so great, because we were inside a restaurant, but there is nothing better than seeing your kids laughing.  My remedy was to put it into photoshop and play with filters. I used the pastel filter which I felt enhanced the photo. –KIM


theme: Spring by Kim

bulbs sprouting

My first winter in New Jersey has been 98% with snow on the ground since the day I moved in late November. Other than getting used to the coldness  in contrast to Florida Sunshine, it has been a beautiful landscape. Peaceful, reflective, crisp are all words to describe the winter as long as I’m not driving in it!! I am however ready to thaw out.

The sprouting bulbs I noticed last week – what a surprise! The first sign of spring. This shot reminds me of the Secret Garden where they plant the bulbs in the dead garden with hopes of what Spring will bring. Of course it snowed again the day before spring began, but that little sign gives me hope that a new season is on it’s way! My winter rantings can be found at :

PS:  Oh, I saw a robin in my pine tree too – made me smile

Endangered Species

theme: stapler - title: back to back 05152012


Staplers. I love these little guys and their cousins, the paper clips.  My dream job would be to work in a copy / mail room and be surrounded by paper all day long. Copy, print, fax, staple, paper clip, make folders, file, sort. Sadly, between the go green movement and technology, I think it is only a matter of time before these little machines are no longer needed and land on the same dusty shelf as their friend, the typewriter. (Another machine I already miss).  – Diane

Old Tour Jeep

theme – neglected

Flamingo Gardens Jeep

I was taking a watercolor class at Flamingo Gardens last year and in the lot we parked, was this old treasure. It was one of their tour jeeps that has been quite neglected – filled with giant spider webs and quietly biding time in its grassy home. I love the colors and couldn’t resist snapping a photo after class! – Kim

old friends

theme – familiar faces


It is so nice to see a familiar face – even more so after time has passed. The two “Caitlins” above danced for many years together, but my daughter had to transfer dance schools to keep dancing her freshman year. Now a junior in college and her friend Caitlin just graduated college and an irish dance instructor herself, so it was great to see her dancers and leadership at the performance we attended. – Kim


theme – machines


I had the rare and beautiful opportunity to be in town when one of my closest friends became a grandmother. Within the first day, the family found out that the baby had jaundice. To cure this problem, phototherapy light is used which involves wrapping the baby in a fiber-optic blanket called a bili-blanket or bili-pad.

I am happy to report the baby is no longer in need of the blanket and everyone in the family is in love with their new addition! – Kim

morning snowfall

theme – “morning” by kim

Morning snow

Snowing from the sky
Snow glittering on the ground
Making the world bright

by Mary Kamman

Ready at Home

theme – body

Ready at Home
The theme “body” made my mind think of an athlete (maybe Diane may have directed me there)

which brings me to the many years at the softball field.

My daughter Megan played catcher and I was always impressed in the strength and flexibility

of the catcher’s legs as they have to hold themselves in a squatted position for most of their defensive game.

For the love of the game –Kim

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