Shhh Baby Sleeping

out of this world 4/99


I dug way back into my archives to find this gem. This is my son when he was 14 months old. He is now 15 (years). What I realized when I came across this photo is that he still has to sleep with something on his cheek, although now it has changed into his pillow or blanket.  This old photo is becoming one of my new favorites. Just by making it black and white, I love the peaceful quality it now has without all the bright blues and reds and greens. – Diane

Love of Barns

theme – mobile phone photo

Where do I begin… I love barns!

I think I always have wanted to live on a farm from the time I was a kid. I love the fresh smell of hay along with the horses and other barnyard animals that usually accompany a barn. When I was nine we moved to Wexford, Pennsylvania to a development cut out of the woods and surrounded by farms, corn, and such. The property behind us had a huge barn with “Chew Tobacco” advertised on it. It’s an image imprinted in my mind of a time where I was free to roam with my little red beagle. Barns to me mean a simpler time or maybe a grounded life. I plan to take photos of all the barns in the area I live by.


I was really happy with the quality of this shot on my iphone 4.

Just the Beginning

springtime blooms_edited-1



After 2 days of downpours, the sun came out and brought lots of new life with it. I found these lovely buds next to the stairs that lead up to the porch at the beach house. I was actually working on a photography class about moving around your subject to see it from all sides. I have about a dozen shots of these buds but this angle was the best. The white from the stairs took away the annoying backgrounds from the other angles which included hanging wet bathing suits and a picnic table full of towels. It amazes me that such an easy change can really make or break a photo.  – Diane

Rise and Shine

Good Morning Topsail_edited-1


Why do fisherman insist on being on the water so early? I don’t think the fish have anywhere else to be during the day. The only good thing about getting up early and going out with the boys to fish is the sunrise. The calm water, the orange sky, the peacefulness of a new day beginning. Ah so relaxing. Then we exit the no wake zone and the fight between man and fish begins. Personally, I cheer for the fish but don’t tell my family that. Swim away little fishy, swim away. – Diane


Crabby Carnivores

the body_edited-1


One of the rules of vacationing at the beach house with my husband’s family is: dinner is whatever is caught that day. As I tend to be VERY squeamish, I leave the fishing and crabbing up to everyone else. On this particular day, the kids convinced me to check the crab pots with them. I knew there would be some kind of  nasty bait in the pot but when they pulled it up,  I wasn’t expecting a clean skeleton. After getting over my  dizziness, I became fascinated at how those crabs picked the skeleton clean. I loved how white it was against the black cage. The kids rolled their eyes and started regretting inviting me to check the pots as I told them not to touch it until I got my camera. Yes kids, I know you are trying to catch dinner but mommy wants a picture of the creepy fish skeleton first.  – Diane

Sunset on Lake Tahoe

photo Friday theme – body of water

Sunset on Lake Tahoe

Lake Powell

theme – shades of grey

lake powell

Anyone who has has ventured in a houseboat around Lake Powell in Page, Arizona KNOWS this is anything but shades of grey. The colors in the sky are reflected in the water and mountains that makes for gorgeous landscape photos. I wanted to try to take one and convert it successfully to black and white. I always admire those that can make a crisp, beautiful black and white print. Although it is not quite where I want it, I feel it has highlights, low lights and all the detailed grey in between. Time to do a little research on this subject. –Kim

PS: It truly was not so easy to convert to black and white. So many photos don’t make the cut and when they do it takes much tweaking to get it right!


Lovely Little Blooms

theme – little things

My Bailey

photo friday theme – pets


Meet my dog Bailey. She is our second family dog adopted from the Human Society. I remember the girls picking her out from a litter of pups and her riding home in the lap of my daughter while she was looking at me with very intense eyes! I thought we had made a huge mistake, as I had only feared German Shepherd’s growing up.  Bailey has turned out to be such a loyal and loving part of our family. I’m not saying that we didn’t have our share of moments… like when I found her in a pile of feathers from shredding my favorite pillow or chewing on my best shoes! She was a rascal for sure.  Today, she is always by my side or resting nearby. She sounds fierce but loves people, and protects her hilltop!

Sometimes you just get lucky with a shot. It was St. Patrick’s Day and I started fooling around with the scarf. Well she didn’t try to take it off, so I took out the trusty iPhone.  Bailey is “man’s best friend” and so happy to have a beautiful photo of her!


Dreamy Light

theme – natural light

light on palm


I chose a photo from a trip to the Florida Keys. It has lovely natural light on the palm but also just has a dreamy quality about it.


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