The End Of Summer?

= Dania Beach 8/5/2011 =



The end of summer. A time when everyone begins to move indoors.  A time when the beaches become deserted and ice cream is eaten less often.

Wait a minute, this is Florida. The summer never really ends. Stay outside, eat ice cream and enjoy those sandy beaches.  – Diane

An Icy Scene

= nativity scene carved from ice 11/27/2008 =



This Nativity was hand carved from 520 blocks of ice. It was on display at the Gaylord Plams in Orlando, FL in 2008 as part of their annual ICE! show. The show is a walk through event with rooms full of larger than life ice sculptures such as candy houses, wreaths, arctic animals, and even a train. They have 4 ice slides for kids of all ages and it always ends in this room with the Nativity. No winter coat, no problem, parkas are provided for you as the temperature is an unFloridian 9 degrees.  – Diane


An Old Rivalry

photo friday theme – end of summer

canes game

Nothing marks the end of summer like Labor Day, school starting and football!

We flew down for the big home game of the season – the University of Miami Hurricanes playing their old rivals the Florida Gators.  My husband being a part of the football alumni always brings an opportunity to see old friends and teammates. We had a great view of the crazy student section and all the fun! The game was very exciting and was a nail biter down to the end. The pure joy and energy in the stadium was an incredible experience…. one I may not have experienced since the Hurricanes of the 1980’s.

Although I always hate to see Summer go – Welcome Autumn! – Kim

Frozen Tundra

photo friday theme – frozen

backyard in white

The theme frozen for this time of year, of course makes me think of the beautiful frozen ice cream bars I have seen on pinterest and tumblr. I was going to recreate my own version but decided to go into my first winter files and found this beautiful one from earlier this year. Our back yard was frozen, including our little koi pond. Amazingly all of our fish were alive in the spring!


Quick Stop

photo friday theme – from the road

split rock reservoir

John and I were on the road doing all the Saturday errands  – “the depot, the warehouse shop and gas stop, a Jersey diner” all places I won’t name because there may be some sarcasm in my tone as it’s the typical to do places. On the way home, I suggested we stop by the reservoir near our home to see the sunset. I took this photo from the crazy one-lane bridge. There are stories about this bridge in a book which involve mafia and other people you wouldn’t want to meet at night on a one-lane bridge!

For John and I, we enjoy it every time we are there and plan to purchase another kyak to enjoy this beautiful place from the water!  – Kim

First Light on Split Rock

photo friday theme – first light

first light

Photo by Kim O’Neill

Listen to the quiet peaceful dawn.
Sun touching the rim of spaces’ night.
Stars fading to brushes of paint
In whirlwinds of dusk colored breezes.
Passing away the moon’s guard
To the light of the sun’s shift begins
Now sweeping into a new day.

by Gelene Beverly

Panoramic Paradise

photo friday theme – scenic

summerland panoramic

This theme was “scenic wonder” and I decided to take off wonder. I have many landscape shots but I must admit it has been some years since I have stood before scenic wonder – that view that says “majestic” or “breathtaking”. It could also be that I may be a bit spoiled from many beautiful sunsets in Florida… it could be that I take some things for granted.

This shot is a panoramic from our last trip to Summerland Key. I chose it because of the colors in the sky and the perfectly reflective Atlantic reflecting the sky above. I hope to someday that Johnny and I have a home with a panoramic like this to wake up to!


Wine Tasting – A Favorite Activity!

theme – activity


Now this is not considered a physical activity per see, but it is one I do enjoy. This photo from Instagram was taken at our friends, The Schroeder’s, home in California where we brought back ours spoils from Sonoma wine tasting.  During dinner we started out tasting our wines ( the swirl, the aroma, the tastebuds)  and we all had our personal opinions of the wine… but by dessert time, we were enjoying our conversations so much,  the wine was just wine.

Those memories are priceless!

Love – Kim

Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it. – Anonymous

The Early Bird

= early morning fishing trip on Topsail 6/22/2012 = first light theme


The early bird catches the worm. The early photographer catches amazing light.

As I was going through my archives to find a suitable photo for this theme, I realized I need to get up earlier and take advantage of that gorgeous golden hour more often. The world seems so peaceful when you are one of the few awake to see the beauty of a sunrise.

This was taken on vacation during an early morning fishing trip.  – Diane

A Favorite Place…

theme – structure

Dean's in Pleasanton

  This summer I had the great opportunity to travel back to the San Francisco area while my husband was working there. I spent my time in Pleasanton, where we lived for seven years, hanging out with one of my closest friends Pauline. This photo was on one of our walks downtown Pleasanton.

I love the old 50’s style structure of Dean’s Cafe storefront.

 Dean’s is on 624 Main. This highly detailed wood-framed building was constructed in 1890 and was originally occupied by the Kolb General Merchandise Store. In 1954, the detailing was covered by stucco and the building was expanded to become Dean’s Café.


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