Morning Shadows

Daily Post Challenge- Shadow

This has been the mildest winter since our move to the Northeast, not that I’m complaining. It’s much easier to get around when there’s not ice and snow to deal with but I do love to photograph snowy landscapes.

This shot shows the early morning long shadows from the back porch and trees and the path my shepherd takes on her morning outing. – Kim

A Time for Reflection 

Theme- Solitude
The moments of quiet reflection where we can see the first rays peek out over the horizon or leaving the first footprints among the shore is something I truly cherish. – Kim

Small World Ambience 

Theme – Ambience

I recently had the fun opportunity to experience Disney on a “girl’s trip” via my co-blogger. (Thank you Diane) Everyone had their list of must sees which are usually cute characters, roller coasters, spinning rides and huge drops… mine happens to strolling around the world in Epcot.

The ambience they create inside each country can make you forget you are inside a theme park. From the great cuisine to the music and architecture you feel like you are on an adventure.

We did manage to take in the new “Frozen” ride while in Norway… it was so much fun!

The photo above was taken in Mexico at Epcot and then I used a guache filter. 


Pretty Path

Daily Post theme: the road taken


This is more of a path than a road but it is a path I wish I had a lot of time to explore and a good book as company.


Pleasantly Perfect

Daily Post theme: a good match


The quiet beach sounds and a comfortable chair in the shade,

comfortable chair in the shade and a great book,

a great book and a cool iced drink,

some call it vacation but I call it pleasantly perfect.

– Diane

Bingo Corn… again

Daily Post theme: Against the Odds


By now I am sure you are tired of seeing my bingo corn but I really didn’t have anything else for this theme. I guess that’s kind of sad in a way, but at least I won $5 playing bingo with corn! I don’t think it is worthy of the word jackpot but I’ll take it. – Diane

Out of the Shadows

Daily Post theme: Shadow

I love catching the dogs sunbathing in the sunny spots. This time I caught them fighting over the sunny spot. Sport is the clear winner and wants the other two gone.


Solitude: A Happy Place

Daily Post theme: Solitude

My son has my personality. We both enjoy our moments of solitude. Watching him play on the slip and slide by himself while the rest of the neighborhood kids were playing streetball gave me a sense of peace. We were both in a little world of our own. He was having a great time slipping and sliding, and I was enjoying watching how much fun he was having instead of the chaotic scene of streetball with all of its noise. I was actually surprised the other kids didn’t join in on the slip and slide once my son set it up but I was also grateful they didn’t.




Book Bouquet

Daily Post Theme: repurposed


I found this bouquet of old book pages in a little museum store and instantly fell in love with them. I wish I had bought a few more bouquets. I added the little pin to hold them all together.     – Diane


Strike A Pose


Daily Post Theme: Graceful

I think this statue was trying to be as graceful as possible but we all have those moments when we try to be graceful and it just makes us more clumsy looking. Nice try statue.  – Diane

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