Take A Seat

Daily Post theme: scale


My son, who is 6 feet tall, finds a rather large chair at our local garden market. – Diane


Never Again

Daily Post theme: pedestrian

Never again! Never again will I let my brother (above in the white hat and green backpack) talk me into an impromptu trip to Disney on New Year’s Eve. Let’s take our families to the castle for the New Year ball drop he says. It will be great he says. It will be epic he says. Within 3 hours my family was packed and in the car. We live about 3 hours from the park so we go there pretty often and are used to hot, crowded days. This day, we were not prepared in the slightest. It was miserable. Every person on the planet seemed to be there. You couldn’t walk from one ride to the next because the crowd was so thick. Lines were super long but its Disney so you just deal with it. What we weren’t expecting was being crushed in the crowd in front of the castle 2 hours before midnight. I actually had a woman run over my leg as I was standing, to the point my entire shin was under her wheelchair. It was crazy! After 20 minutes we decided we were so uncomfortable we needed to leave. It wasn’t worth it. So how did we spend New Year’s Eve?

In a Denny’s. We all admit it was the best epic fail ever. Check that off the bucket list! – Diane



Daily Post theme: windows


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – Diane



Daily Post theme: layered

When a local food truck says they have a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich I say yes please! As much as I love dessert, I will admit it was a bit much to get down. One is all you’ll ever need. – Diane


Is It Hockey Season Yet?

Daily Post theme: waiting

Before hockey season officially begins there are rookie camps, development camps and exhibition games to keep us entertained while we wait. I will take any kind of hockey I can get while I patiently wait for the season to begin. By patiently I mean, hurry up already we’ve waited long enough! – Diane


Moon Over Epcot

Daily Post theme: structure

epcot moon

Spaceship Earth Geosphere in Epcot – I love the roundness of it compared to all of its angles and corners. – Diane


The Book Store In The Corner

Daily Post theme: corner

If I owned a bookstore, I would want it to be like this one. This is just one corner of the Oxford Exchange in Tampa. The large building also houses a gift boutique, tea room, coffee shop and believe it or not, right across from this book store, is an eyeglass store. I’m actually standing in the eyeglass store for this photo which captures the entire book store. Everything is open and seems to find its own separate place while also being a part of the larger space. I dream of living close to a space like this. – Diane



Daily Post theme: shiny

With all the hype over yesterday’s total solar eclipse, I thought it would be appropriate to use the shiny sun for this prompt. These were both taken yesterday while waiting for something to happen. I’m not sure if I missed it or just didn’t get to see anything with my location being outside of the “path of totality”. Either way, I especially like the second photo. It doesn’t look like much but a bright spot but to me it reminds me just how big this universe is. – Diane


Shining Sea

Theme- Shiny by Kim

I am one of those people who is drawn to coastal regions. I love the ocean… be it the still turquoise waters of the Caribbean or the waves crashing along the rocks in Newport. It’s a place to calm the spirit from sea to shining sea!

This week’s theme is shiny which I thought about light shining and reflecting off of the morning water.

Seaside Beauty

Theme- Elemental by Kim

This photo was taken at The Breakers estate in Newport. The majestic building sitting on the rugged coastline.

The wispy filter enhanced the open air room overlooking the ocean.

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