On Guard

Daily Post theme: security

Nothing makes me feel more safe and secure than a dog at the end of my bed when my husband is out-of-town. This is Freckles. She belongs to my daughter although I would totally dognap her if I thought I could get away with it. She really is the greatest dog I have ever met, and that includes my own 2 dogs who I love dearly. – Diane


The View

Daily Post theme: dense

Living near a city (or two) in the Untied States, I sometimes forget how lush other places are. It really is a shame but it makes me appreciate these views even more.  – Diane


In the Valley

The dense fog filling the valley in the beautiful Vermont hills. -Kim

Daily Post Challenge – Dense

The Emerald Isle

Ireland by KimTheme- Green on Green 
A collage of some of our green stops throughout Ireland. 

Diamond Head Overlook

Daily Post Photo Challenge- Atop

During our family vacation to Oahu, we took a hike to the top of Diamond Head. We had a very warm day for Hawaii with the high temperatures reaching 90 that day. Climbing was a challenge for me at the time, but my family was patient and we all had fun!!

Standing atop and overlooking the gorgeous view felt amazing! – Kim

Pretty Splashes of Green

daily post theme: green

Agh! I just used three green landscapes for the previous theme, atop. Good thing I had a few more I could use. I think these are a little prettier anyway. – Diane


The View

Daily Post theme: atop

In the mountains of Dominican Republic.So peaceful and lush.  – Diane


If Only…

Daily Post theme: wish

I could wish for world peace and the end of hunger but right now I really wish I was sitting in a rocking chair reading a great book with a view of the beach. – Diane


Distracted Along the Way

Theme- The Road Taken

My husband and I decided to take a nice walk from our hotel to have lunch. It was an amazing day out and I was totally distracted by the waterways, and gorgeous boats!

I thoroughly enjoyed our chosen road taken every step of the way.



Theme – A Good Match

Brunch and mimosas are a good match any weekend as well as al fresco dining and brunch on a beautiful day. All together the perfect start to the day.

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