Theme: Structure

A front patio with its structure derived of blue stone or the structure of a simple rocking chair… all together a spot to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy dusk in the country.


A Beautiful Life

Theme- Waiting

This spot I love to come down to photograph or sit and look out at the beautiful life surrounding this lake.

A great spot to wait, think and be inspired.


The Mysterious Door

Daily Post theme: rounded

I pass this door every time I am at Epcot. I’m sure it’s just a fancy looking storage room but it looks mysterious to me. I imagine it leads to an unknown world of some sort. Adventure lays just beyond its threshold.   – Diane

The Sun Sets Over Tampa

Daily Post theme: glow

I love the glow of a gorgeous sunset. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.  – Diane

Autumn Layers

Theme: Layers

This is a display my husband wanted to make and did a beautiful job designing.


Empire State Building View

Theme- Windows

My view through the Windows of Empire State Building … what a view!


City Views

Theme – Pedestrian

“The best way to see NYC is that of a Pedestrian!”



Daily Post Weekly Challenge- Scale

Paul Manship‘s highly recognizable bronze of the Greek legend of the Titan Prometheus recumbent, bringing fire to mankind. The model for Prometheus was Leonardo (Leon) Nole, and the inscription, a paraphrase from Aeschylus, on the granite wall behind, reads:

“Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends.”

I liked the angle from the back of Prometheus showing the scale of how large the statue is.


Autumn Glow

Daily Post Challenge – Glow

I captured this photo on the road home, where the golden glow of autumn with the afternoon sun make a brilliant display.



Daily Post Challenge- Rounded

My pool is always fun to photograph because of the curves!


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