Get To Know Us

Diane – the wife, the mom, the blogger.

I guess I should have introduced myself when we started this blog, but the saying goes “better late than never”. I am obviously one of the authors of Ennui Adventures and here is a little background on how I got here.

I am a wife of 21 years and a mother of two for almost as long. After many years of keeping up with the kids and all of their activities I find myself not knowing what to do now that they are grown. That could only mean one thing… time for me again! I have found an interest in photography and have been trying to learn more to improve my photography skills. This blog was created with a friend and fellow empty nester who also enjoys photography. When she had to move to the northeast we decided to take part in photo friday photography themes to keep in touch, see how a theme could be interpreted by two different people, and to learn from each other. We have been doing this for almost two years now (I told you I was late introducing myself) and hope you join us for more to come. – Diane


I thought I’d tell a story of two friends who were softball moms and shared a love of photography. Over a latte and a caramel macchiato, we lamented over our kids growing up and heading off to college, and how we would take on the next chapter of our lives. With that sense of ennui, we decided to start our collaboration. We planned to use our blog as a place to become stronger at photography skills and learn the tricks of the trade.

I have been married for 27+ years and have grown daughters in college and working. My career background before becoming a parent was in advertising design. In being a parent I have found that through the years of doing volunteer work and supporting my girls’ activities that I really have enjoyed photography and the arts. I am currently taking painting classes and working on projects to find my creative style.

I hope you will come along on our journey as we document our photo adventures.




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