Exploring the Northern Fork

Exploring a new area is one of my favorite things to do with my husband. Top down on the jeep and driving around the coastal regions in the Northern Fork and Shelter Island was our latest adventure.

It was a day of fun stopping in at local breweries, wineries, new places to eat and walking around all the small towns. Each place has its own personality and flavor to enjoy!


Daily Post Challenge – Fun

Crossing Over

Our daughter was visiting last weekend and had Smorgasburg in Brooklyn on her must do list. We had been before, but were very happy to go again. With the Manhattan skyline as our backdrop, we sampled delicious foods from area restaurants. With everything from surf and turf burgers to sushi to homemade ice cream sandwiches, there was something to make even the pickiest eaters happy! We each chose something and then shared. 

After all that eating, we took a ferry over to the area by the Brooklyn Bridge and after stopping off for a refreshment climbed the stairs that took us to the bridge.

As a child I had bridge nightmares of high bridges and fear of driving off to our doom…. Well this was a fun experience for sure. We were definitely in “tourist rush hour”  but there was a hip hop concert below and everyone was taking family selfies, riding bikes, or jogging to grab some exercise. As we were leaving Brooklyn behind, I directed my focus to the Manhattan skyline. Fortunately it had rained and taken away some of the heat of the day and also the clarity on this overcast afternoon.

There was no gloom and doom… Only a cool walk on a Saturday afternoon!


These Boots are Made for Dancin’

Saturday night I had the opportunity to go out with a girlfriend to line dance and break in my boots! 

They were a gift at Christmastime, but too fancy for day-to-day, so a night out was perfect.

American kids, Cruisin ‘, Crank It Up and Boot Scootin’ with Moves Like Jaegar while doing a Watermelon Crawl and Waltzing the night away…. All dances my boots were made for!


Exploring the Cape

My photo this week came from our first trip to Cape Cod. The quaint New England architecture and natural beaches was a perfect setting for our anniversary adventure.

We spent time in Provincetown, exploring art galleries and shops. The fresh seafood was amazing… Pretty much “lobstah” for breakfast lunch and dinner!

A beautiful bike ride to the coast proved challenging and rewarding to see the dunes and sea grasses framing the bold blues of the Atlantic. It was eerie that no one was in the water and we soon found out why… The purple shark warning flag was flapping in the breeze.

It was our first time on the cape, but God willing, not the last!

— Kim

Pink Hibiscus

2015-11-09 09.38.07-1

I took this photo at a plaza in Lahaina, Maui. We were waiting to go out on a kayak tour and this pink beauty caught my eye. I was so happy to see the color translated in the photo and I did not have to enhance it one bit!

Martello Structures

DSC_0753 - Version 2

Theme – Structure

In this photo, you can see in the distance the structure of a Martello tower at the edge of the Cliffs of Moher. You can see that it was being restored at the time we visited.

In total there were 50 Martello Towers built in Ireland for fear of an invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte reached panic proportions among the authorities in Ireland and England in the year of 1804.

Their purpose was to provide what were, ‘bombproof’ towers from which fire could be directed at ships of the hourly expected French invasion fleet.

The Towers never fired a cannon in anger, as Napoleon never invaded Ireland or England. However, it is believed that the Towers acted as a deterrent, as Napoleon had every intention to invade England using Ireland as a “back door” bridgehead.

Morning Solitude



After arriving late the night before, I was looking toward to enjoying the morning watching the sunrise on the beach. The cold of the northeast made me yearn for a little warmth and sunshine. This was not the morning for it as it was cold and blustery for a South Florida day.

I did enjoy the story clouds as I sat alone on a chilly morning. A moment of solitude watching the beauty of nature around me.   Kim