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Photo Friday Theme – Tranquil I had the opportunity to attend an event at the Living Sculpture Sanctuary in Davie Florida. They had a beautiful 12 ft driftwood sculpture used as a planter for orchids, and other plants. I just took a section of…

Celebrating the Sunflower

N a t i o n a l   S u n f l o w e r   D a yTheme: Circle by Kim Lovely sunflowers are  blooming in my garden. The seed head forms a circle composed of disk flowers crowded together. A single sunflower head…

Saint Francis

DEPTH OF FIELD by Kim This is one of my favorite statues to photograph in our backyard. He is weathered and soulful in the midst of our gardens. I love to play with blurring the background and shortening the depth of field to only…

Afternoon Delight

TRANSLUCENT by Kim Loved the light filtering through this sunflower in my garden. The afternoon glow gave the petals a translucent feeling. I tried a few different effects to see which one I like best… still not sure but lovely all the same.

Tropical Paradise

Photo Friday Theme – Plant Kingdom I had to go back in my archives as the plant kingdom around me is dormant as winter approaches. This is from our family trip to Key West in May 2013 where we stopped to visit the Hemingway…

What I found

theme – what I found We found this statue of a Saint while my husband John and I were cleaning up our yard this Spring. The previous owners had lived here more than 20 years and their grandson grew up in the house, so…

Lovely Little Blooms

theme – little things


theme: Spring by Kim My first winter in New Jersey has been 98% with snow on the ground since the day I moved in late November. Other than getting used to the coldness  in contrast to Florida Sunshine, it has been a beautiful landscape….

Heart of Paradise

theme – pattern This was taken at the Bonnet House on a rainy afternoon photo fieldtrip. Barbara Dix, my watercolor teacher will be happy to know that this makes me want to paint again! – Kim