Pink Hibiscus

2015-11-09 09.38.07-1

I took this photo at a plaza in Lahaina, Maui. We were waiting to go out on a kayak tour and this pink beauty caught my eye. I was so happy to see the color translated in the photo and I did not have to enhance it one bit!

Celebrating the Sunflower

N a t i o n a l   S u n f l o w e r   D a y2015-07-22 16.00.04-1Theme: Circle by Kim

Lovely sunflowers are  blooming in my garden. The seed head forms a circle composed of disk flowers crowded together. A single sunflower head hosts hundreds of tiny flowers called florets.

“True friends are like bright sunflowers that never fade away, even over distance and time.” ― Marie Williams Johnstone

Afternoon Delight

IMG_4707 IMG_4752 IMG_4752


Loved the light filtering through this sunflower in my garden. The afternoon glow gave the petals a translucent feeling. I tried a few different effects to see which one I like best… still not sure but lovely all the same.

Mums the Word


Autumn Color by Kim

When Autumn arrives,  almost every front porch or landscaping include mums in beautiful oranges, yellows and reds.

I had a few stragglers from the ones on my porch and placed them in a mason jar on my window sill.