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Bingo Corn… again

Daily Post theme: Against the Odds By now I am sure you are tired of seeing my bingo corn but I really didn’t have anything else for this theme. I guess that’s kind of sad in a way, but at least I won $5…

Out of the Shadows

Daily Post theme: Shadow I love catching the dogs sunbathing in the sunny spots. This time I caught them fighting over the sunny spot. Sport is the clear winner and wants the other two gone.

Solitude: A Happy Place

Daily Post theme: Solitude My son has my personality. We both enjoy our moments of solitude. Watching him play on the slip and slide by himself while the rest of the neighborhood kids were playing streetball gave me a sense of peace. We were…

Book Bouquet

Daily Post Theme: repurposed I found this bouquet of old book pages in a little museum store and instantly fell in love with them. I wish I had bought a few more bouquets. I added the little pin to hold them all together.  …

Strike A Pose

Daily Post Theme: Graceful I think this statue was trying to be as graceful as possible but we all have those moments when we try to be graceful and it just makes us more clumsy looking. Nice try statue.  – Diane

Wine Time

Daily Post theme: ambience All I need is a chair and a glass of wine. I can feel myself relaxing. – Diane

Scooby Doo Where Are You?

People name all sorts of things. Some name their cars. My mom’s pea green Nova was Betsy. Betsy didn’t like the New Jersey winters. She got yelled at a lot. Like Betsy, some car names bring back a childhood of memories. The Mystery Machine…

New Horizons

Daily Post theme: New Horizon This represents many new horizons for me. It was the first time I have actually seen this horizon (Dominican Republic). It is the first time I was brave enough to open the shade on the airplane window. (I hate…

Treasured Time

Daily Post Theme: Relax Just a boy and his grandfather enjoying some snuggle time. Moments like this are fondly treasured, especially now that the boy is a few weeks away from turning 19.  – Diane

Red Cup Season

daily post theme: It’s Not This Time of Year Without… a peppermint mocha in a red cup from Starbucks. Delicious and pairs well with holiday shopping, holiday lights, gift wrapping and of course holiday music.   – Diane