Monkeying Around

Punta Cana 2016 92


 Fun – daily post theme

We had lots of fun while feeding the monkeys in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. They sure were mischievous little things.



A Progression of Boxes

saturated boxes

My daughter will be a senior in college this year and will have her very own apartment. Before we start the move, we obviously needed to go to Ikea for “ideas”. My favorite part of Ikea is not their famous Swedish meatballs or even their honey buns, but when you walk into their warehouse of boxes. Rows and rows of boxes. I love the hunt for the right boxes. If your lucky, some of these boxes actually turn into furniture.

Although I like this photo, I thought it might be a good one to play around with too. Here’s a few of my favorite looks.

Saturated Boxes

saturated boxes

Urban boxes

urban boxes

Low-key boxes (I really like the age, shapes, and darkness of this one)

low key boxes

I saved the creepiest one for last. I love how it looks like an old building with the windows blown out.

Neon glow boxes

neon glow boxes

Hot Chocolate and Hockey

hockey camp scrimage 1

I miss hockey. I know they are only off for a few months a year but it seems like soooooo long. This week my son and I were able to attend the Panther’s training camp scrimmage game to see all the new talent and upcoming players. This place was packed and standing room only so being just 5 foot 2, I was not able to grab too many shots of the actual game. I did get a shot of a promising future goalie looking like he is ready for his magazine cover.

hockey scrimage camp 2_edited-1

I also grabbed a shot of my first hot chocolate of the 2016 – 2017 hockey season. There will be so many more of these and this one in particular was extra delicious since it’s been quite some time since my last one. Living in south Florida you learn to cherish your hot chocolate moments.

hot chocolate face

Lastly, just when the red team was making a comeback, I looked down at my cup and saw this very worried face. He must have been cheering on the white team. – Diane

Colorful Containers

colorful containers

This past week I was very busy changing a guest room (because who really needs that) into a craft room. My daughter left for college 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. My son just graduated from high school and although he has chosen to commute to a school, we know it’s just a matter of time before he also flies from the nest. Although it is sad to see my kids grow and move into the adult world, I am excited for the prospect of finally having a craft room! Sorry kids but your rooms have become the new “guest” rooms. Let’s face it, we only have guests a few times a year and it is usually just my parents. A craft room on the other hand,  would be utilized on a daily basis. So you see kids, this is the right thing to do. You will always have a place in my home but you may have to share it with Grandma and Grandpa if they are visiting at the same time.

As for the photo above, I found myself sorting lots of little gems and colorful items this week as I moved into my new craft room (I just love saying my new craft room).  The colors and the  containers I bought were just too pretty and shiny and new not to snap a quick photo.



pinched straw

My husband and I go out for a breakfast date on Saturday mornings. This past Saturday we ended up at one of our usual places, First Watch. This is the one meal a week that I get to cheat on my weight watcher points so I usually order a chocolate milk. When I put the straw in, it bounced right back out. Weird. I put the straw in again only to have it bounce out again. The third time I put the straw in and held it there thinking that must be the problem. (This is where my husband started looking at me like I was an alien) Then it popped out again anyway. What the heck? After 3 tries I finally inspected the straw to see that it had a pinched end.  To make things even weirder, I then proceeded to move things around on the table to try to grab a shot of it for my weekly photo. (I’m so glad he puts up with my ability to make a strange situation even stranger)

– Diane

The Golden Apples

honey crisp apples

A friend had recently told me about how delicious Honey Crisp Apples are. She claimed to be addicted to them! I figured this would be something new to try rather than my usual Red Delicious Apples, so I bought one and gave it a try. She was right! It was so tasty! I know different kinds of apples taste different but this one was like no other. Mmmmm. So yummy. The next time I went to the grocery store I bought 3 more. At the checkout counter I saw the clerk weighing and taking them off and weighing them again so I looked at the receipt tallying on the computer. Holy Crap!!! Three  delicious Honey Crisp Apples were going to cost me $9!!! Are they made of gold? Is there a prize inside? Why must my new craving taste so yummy and be so expensive? Why did I not look at the dang price? How many of these does my friend buy in a week? Maybe I could constantly invite myself to her house and then just casually say how refreshing an apple would be and then just eat hers! I know that wouldn’t be very friend like but she is the one that started this love affair so she should help me get my fix! Right?

Oh well, they were delicious while they lasted.😦