Sunset on the Hudson

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Photo Friday Theme – City

We headed into the city to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday. On the drive in, I captured this shot of the Trump towers with the beautiful colors from the sun setting showing it’s reflection on the buildings and sky.


Symbol of Freedom & Resiliency


Photo Friday Theme – BIG by Kim O’Neill

The Freedom Tower soars to a whopping 1,776 feet high (104 stories big)!

One World Trade Center is America’s tallest building and a new symbol of our country’s freedom and resiliency. This New York landmark was designed by David M. Childs of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. The 3 million-square-foot building includes office space, observation deck and world-class restaurants.

I took this shot recently as my friend Lana wanted to see the memorial pools and the new Memorial Museum. It was the first time I’ve been to the pools as an open park (not waiting in line and security)

The Museum was very subdued, respectful and informative on all we lost on September 11, 2001.

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The Big City

freedom tower

Photo Friday Theme: The Big City

The Freedom Tower

A college friend of my husband worked on the Freedom tower before he sustained an injury. He told us the story of how the men working on this building added letters and the names of those who passed during 9/11. Their memory and spirit are built into what stands today.



photo friday theme – mirror

john reflecting

We had our friends visiting from California, so we made arrangements to visit the 9/11 memorial.

This photo was taken of John outside of the 9/11 Museum Pavilion.

A strong reflection while we were all reflecting the loss, strength and resilience

of our country at a time of adversity.


A Favorite Place…

theme – structure

Dean's in Pleasanton

  This summer I had the great opportunity to travel back to the San Francisco area while my husband was working there. I spent my time in Pleasanton, where we lived for seven years, hanging out with one of my closest friends Pauline. This photo was on one of our walks downtown Pleasanton.

I love the old 50’s style structure of Dean’s Cafe storefront.

 Dean’s is on 624 Main. This highly detailed wood-framed building was constructed in 1890 and was originally occupied by the Kolb General Merchandise Store. In 1954, the detailing was covered by stucco and the building was expanded to become Dean’s Café.


View from under the Manhattan Bridge

theme – Metropolis

view of NYC

John and I were invited to join our friend Mike and his sister to a Brooklyn “Foodie Smorgasbord”. I had never been to Brooklyn before, and was pleasantly surprised to find new building, parks, and great views of the city. We scoped out the food booths and divided up to choose our lunches. I had a lobster roll with spinach and citrus vinagrette and met some of the nicest people standing in line for my “natural ice tea” served in a mason jar!

Mike’s sister Sarah couldn’t have been more gracious showing us around Brooklyn waterfront and then to her gorgeous town home in Tribeca. Sarah’s husband (who was an incredible architect ) were really some of the first families to help change the face of Tribeca in the 1970s. She resides only a few blocks from the now incredible Freedom Tower – a symbol of our country’s resilience and strength.

Thank you both for a wonderful day! — Kim

Love of Barns

theme – mobile phone photo

Where do I begin… I love barns!

I think I always have wanted to live on a farm from the time I was a kid. I love the fresh smell of hay along with the horses and other barnyard animals that usually accompany a barn. When I was nine we moved to Wexford, Pennsylvania to a development cut out of the woods and surrounded by farms, corn, and such. The property behind us had a huge barn with “Chew Tobacco” advertised on it. It’s an image imprinted in my mind of a time where I was free to roam with my little red beagle. Barns to me mean a simpler time or maybe a grounded life. I plan to take photos of all the barns in the area I live by.


I was really happy with the quality of this shot on my iphone 4.