Eye See You

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Anyone that knows me knows I have a fear of eyeballs. They instantly throw me into a panic attack when I see them up close or as a decoration of some sort. I used to actually pass out but now its just a giant panic attack,  so I like to think I am improving.

I was enjoying some browsing in a fantastic shop in Tampa last year when I looked down and saw these holiday ornaments peeking up at me. The sweating started instantly and I couldn’t find my husband fast enough. Something about them made me go back and snap a quick picture. Now that it’s been almost a year, I wish I had one for my Christmas tree. I can look at them now and see them as a symbol of something that scares me without being scared of them. Sometimes I think it is the element of surprise in seeing an eyeball where it doesn’t belong that catches me off guard and triggers a panic attack.

What about real eyes you ask? Let’s just say my husband has to go with me to the eye dr. and the doctor physically sighs when he sees me in his chair. Sometimes he and my husband have a conversation about my eyes without me because it will just upset me. – Diane


5 Comments on “Eye See You

  1. Fascinating ~ both the photo and your phobia! I’m the same with worms ~ they literally make me feel physically ill if I see them. Aren’t we strange creatures?

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