Never Again

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Never again! Never again will I let my brother (above in the white hat and green backpack) talk me into an impromptu trip to Disney on New Year’s Eve. Let’s take our families to the castle for the New Year ball drop he says. It will be great he says. It will be epic he says. Within 3 hours my family was packed and in the car. We live about 3 hours from the park so we go there pretty often and are used to hot, crowded days. This day, we were not prepared in the slightest. It was miserable. Every person on the planet seemed to be there. You couldn’t walk from one ride to the next because the crowd was so thick. Lines were super long but its Disney so you just deal with it. What we weren’t expecting was being crushed in the crowd in front of the castle 2 hours before midnight. I actually had a woman run over my leg as I was standing, to the point my entire shin was under her wheelchair. It was crazy! After 20 minutes we decided we were so uncomfortable we needed to leave. It wasn’t worth it. So how did we spend New Year’s Eve?

In a Denny’s. We all admit it was the best epic fail ever. Check that off the bucket list! – Diane

3 Comments on “Never Again

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    • I bravely went so no one else would have to. šŸ˜œ Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

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