Month: April 2017

Take Care 

Daily Post Theme: Earth I am in awe of the beauty of all that God has created. His artistry in the painted skies, landscapes and the incredible detail of every living species!  We have the opportunities to enjoy the great outdoor but it is…

The Beauty of the Parking Lot

Daily Post: earth Earth. The place we are fortunate enough to call home. Sometimes it surprises you with its beauty as you exit a restaurant. – Diane

Early Good Morning

Daily Post Theme: SupriseThe look between surprise and a little curiosity met my eyes that morning from the small group of deer in my front yard.  – Kim

When Ordinary Things Are Watching You

Daily Post theme: surprise Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched only to find out it’s coming from an object and not a person? I was drinking some hot chocolate during a hockey scrimmage camp, which wasn’t going very well for…

On Guard

Daily Post theme: security Nothing makes me feel more safe and secure than a dog at the end of my bed when my husband is out-of-town. This is Freckles. She belongs to my daughter although I would totally dognap her if I thought I…

The View

Daily Post theme: dense Living near a city (or two) in the Untied States, I sometimes forget how lush other places are. It really is a shame but it makes me appreciate these views even more.  РDiane