New Horizons

Daily Post Theme – New Horizon

1. Horizon- the place in the distance where the earth and sky seem to meet.

I love to travel and this year I managed to find some new destinations on my adventures. The beautiful places visited over the summer that take your breath away, where you choose to linger and be inspired. This brings me to the second definition of Horizon…

2. A person’s horizons are the limit of that person’s ideas, knowledge, and experience.

This year has been a challenge in coming from the most inactive I have ever been in all aspects of my life and making a goal -changing my ideas of who I was and where I wanted to be!

I don’t believe we are limited and that we  have the ability to be always learning and broadening our horizons…. spiritually, intellectually and physically!

That is my outlook for 2017 to continue to grow in those areas, be grateful for every day and to give back where I am called to do so!

Merry Christmas and a blessed New year!


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