Beast Before Beauty


daily post theme: transmogrify

I’m so glad they gave the definition for this word because it wasn’t in my dictionary. (Yep, I still keep a pocket dictionary in my desk for occasions like this)

Transmogrify means to change in appearance or form usually in a strange or grotesque way.  On this particular day my hair stylist of 16 years was quite sloppy. I have sadly come to expect this when I bring my daughter along. (That’s them in the background) He started cutting her hair at the age of 5 and the two of them have developed this hair bond over the years. He loves that she will experiment and try new things (purple tips) and has a ton of hair to play with. I don’t mind because she is rarely in town on the days I have my appointments. After all, he’s been the go to guy for first day of school, first dates, 8th grade dance, prom, graduation and yes the two already have an understanding that he will be the only one to touch her hair on her wedding day whenever and wherever that will be. – Diane

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