30 Days of Home – Kim’s Week One Recap

30 days of Home is a new project Diane and I are enjoying this October. A snapshot a day with a home related theme.

 If you like what you see and want to join in, all the information can be found here: http://www.littlepaperprojects.com/join-us-for-a-free-30-day-photo-challenge-30daysofhome/

Day 1 Wake 

My shepherd Bailey is one of the first loves I see when I open my eyes and kiss my husband good morning.

Day 2 First Thing…. Java!

As I’m feeding the furry ones, I’m making the coffee…. hot and strong to kick off the day! 

Day 3 Getting Ready – for Exercise

These days I mostly put on the exercise gear to get ready for Jazzercise or a walk or workout…. priorities!

Day 4 Kitchen – with a little guache filter

This is where my husband and I enjoy the creative cooking. It’s a great old kitchen that could use an update but I loved it when we bought our home!

Day 5 Wash- Front Loader Fun

Oh wash! A necessary chore to keep us in fresh clothes. I just decided to get creative with a quick picture of the clothes in the front loader and some filters!

Day 6 Rest

This is my favorite place to take a book or drink in the afternoon on our screened in porch. The afternoon sun comes in and warms us on an autumn day.

Day 7 Read 

I try to start my day with a devotion or scripture and I now do that on my iPad. Reading the real books which is more of a luxury to me will always happen while traveling or on the porch…. see above, Day 6. 

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