A Progression of Boxes

saturated boxes

My daughter will be a senior in college this year and will have her very own apartment. Before we start the move, we obviously needed to go to Ikea for “ideas”. My favorite part of Ikea is not their famous Swedish meatballs or even their honey buns, but when you walk into their warehouse of boxes. Rows and rows of boxes. I love the hunt for the right boxes. If your lucky, some of these boxes actually turn into furniture.

Although I like this photo, I thought it might be a good one to play around with too. Here’s a few of my favorite looks.

Saturated Boxes

saturated boxes

Urban boxes

urban boxes

Low-key boxes (I really like the age, shapes, and darkness of this one)

low key boxes

I saved the creepiest one for last. I love how it looks like an old building with the windows blown out.

Neon glow boxes

neon glow boxes

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