Crossing Over

Our daughter was visiting last weekend and had Smorgasburg in Brooklyn on her must do list. We had been before, but were very happy to go again. With the Manhattan skyline as our backdrop, we sampled delicious foods from area restaurants. With everything from surf and turf burgers to sushi to homemade ice cream sandwiches, there was something to make even the pickiest eaters happy! We each chose something and then shared. 

After all that eating, we took a ferry over to the area by the Brooklyn Bridge and after stopping off for a refreshment climbed the stairs that took us to the bridge.

As a child I had bridge nightmares of high bridges and fear of driving off to our doom…. Well this was a fun experience for sure. We were definitely in “tourist rush hour”  but there was a hip hop concert below and everyone was taking family selfies, riding bikes, or jogging to grab some exercise. As we were leaving Brooklyn behind, I directed my focus to the Manhattan skyline. Fortunately it had rained and taken away some of the heat of the day and also the clarity on this overcast afternoon.

There was no gloom and doom… Only a cool walk on a Saturday afternoon!


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