Hot Chocolate and Hockey

hockey camp scrimage 1

I miss hockey. I know they are only off for a few months a year but it seems like soooooo long. This week my son and I were able to attend the Panther’s training camp scrimmage game to see all the new talent and upcoming players. This place was packed and standing room only so being just 5 foot 2, I was not able to grab too many shots of the actual game. I did get a shot of a promising future goalie looking like he is ready for his magazine cover.

hockey scrimage camp 2_edited-1

I also grabbed a shot of my first hot chocolate of the 2016 – 2017 hockey season. There will be so many more of these and this one in particular was extra delicious since it’s been quite some time since my last one. Living in south Florida you learn to cherish your hot chocolate moments.

hot chocolate face

Lastly, just when the red team was making a comeback, I looked down at my cup and saw this very worried face. He must have been cheering on the white team. – Diane

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