pinched straw

My husband and I go out for a breakfast date on Saturday mornings. This past Saturday we ended up at one of our usual places, First Watch. This is the one meal a week that I get to cheat on my weight watcher points so I usually order a chocolate milk. When I put the straw in, it bounced right back out. Weird. I put the straw in again only to have it bounce out again. The third time I put the straw in and held it there thinking that must be the problem. (This is where my husband started looking at me like I was an alien) Then it popped out again anyway. What the heck? After 3 tries I finally inspected the straw to see that it had a pinched end.  To make things even weirder, I then proceeded to move things around on the table to try to grab a shot of it for my weekly photo. (I’m so glad he puts up with my ability to make a strange situation even stranger)

– Diane

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