Circle of Life


Photo Friday Theme – Signs Of Summer by Kim O’Neill

Spring is finally in full bloom in the Northeast, so I enjoy taking my dog outside first thing in the morning. That day I walked out past our pond only to find the large goldfish I’ve named “Big Momma” dead on a rock! I then cautiously looked around my backyard as we have had black bear and wildcats prowling through our neighborhood. As I turned to the front, I saw this beautiful heron perched in the trees. I had only wished I had my zoom lens!!!  People have warned me about herons but this is the first I have spotted in the year and a half I have moved here.  I read that now through July is their breeding time and like to position themselves near bodies of water (which there are many nearby) So with the trees sprouting their blooms and leaves, the birds and the bees are humming bringing summer around the corner.

Afterward: I took out fishing wire and strung it across our tiny manmade pond in hopes to preserve the remaining fish. I found out there were four casualties that morning and all I could hear was “The Circle of Life” singing in my head by Elton John… Life in the woods!

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