Is It Wine ‘O Clock Yet?


Photo Friday Theme: Obsession by Kim O’Neill

I find this photo appropriate as this morning I listened to Maria Shriver presenting a piece on motherhood and drinking wine (aka: mommy juice) not only as a social outlet, but for relaxing with the stresses of raising children. My girls are off to college now, but I do remember our old neighborhood on Fridays when all the moms looked forward to our “Wine O’Clock”.

I think as long as it is planned responsibly where everyone can walk home, older kids or even a babysitter in the group to watch the kids while the moms take their time to unwind. We definitely had our moments when one of us would surpass the one or two glasses of wine, but we watched out for each other to make sure we all made it home safe and sound.

This was the time of my life where I acquired a taste and passion for wine. We lived in Northern California, so we were close to wineries and great local restaurants. We lived in an all American hometown where the kids could be kids and we all helped each other out. We celebrated our times together with wine, friendship, and created wonderful memories.

It is a time of our lives that I look fondly back on and carry with me always.

For information on Maria Shriver’s report on “Mommy Juice”, go to:

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