Shades of Blue…

Calm of the KeysPhoto Friday Theme: Calm by Kim

We just are back home to the blustery March weather of the northeast, but my last three weeks are the memories to hold onto until it warms up here. I was fortunate to spend time with my girls in Orlando and friends in Ft. Lauderdale. My husband, Megan and I took a weekend adventure to the Keys.

Entering the Keys brings a calm like no other place for me. As we drive past the Everglades and see glimpses of that blue, turquoise and all colors in between set me at ease. Songs of Kenny Chesney and Jack Johnson ring in my head and the choice of which beach or what great little place we will venture out for dinner are the decisions of the day. It can be touristy and kitschy, but if you hop on a boat and look at that water, it is truly calm and restorative.

“The Florida Keys hold the palette to every gorgeous color of blue imaginable.”  — Kim O’Neill

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