BLT Hold the T Please

blt hold the t



The Carnegie Deli in Las Vegas has huge, scrumptious sandwiches.  The lettuce was crisp and the bacon wasn’t too crispy or too chewy but just right. The toast was more like two toasted to perfection croutons trying to hold an entire salad together. (I can’t begin to imagine how tall it would have been if I actually got the tomatoes on it.)    It was so delicious I ate as much as I could and wanted to eat more but feared I would explode. Keep in mind, This is only showing half the sandwich. The other half was hiding behind it. Best BLT hold the T ever! – Diane

5 Comments on “BLT Hold the T Please

    • Thanks Kim ……. eww tomato! I ended up using the lettuce as bread and eating all of it and taking about a pound of bacon back to the room.

      • That is truly enough bacon for a family of four in half a sandwich! Unbelievably HUGE.

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