A Walk In The Garden

A Walk in the Garden



I always say I need to get out more and explore the great things that surround me.  The Morikami museum and Japanese gardens in Delray, Florida was one of them. Kim and I spent a day here taking a photo hike through the beautiful gardens. It was gorgeous and a place I hope to return to for another photo hike. – Diane

A Little Too Much Space

A Little Too Much Space



This bridge was being built next to the Hoover Dam. My first thought was who in the world will want to drive over a bridge that far up? My second thought was how do you build a bridge that far up? To me, the answers to these questions didn’t really matter. I wasn’t building it and I would certainly not be driving over it. – Diane

A Delicious Catch

A Delicious Catch



One of the things my family does while on vacation in Topsail NC is they eat what they catch. Throw some crab pots down in the morning and dinner is served in the evening. I am not a fan of this catch it and eat it method. I prefer not to see my meal when it was alive and moving around. When dinner was over and there were a few crabs left, I kidnapped them and gave them their own special photo shoot. I loved the red of their shells and of course now I could pose them without the fear of being pinched by the claws. A little morbid? Probably, but they are so photogenic.  – Diane


photo friday theme – mirror

john reflecting

We had our friends visiting from California, so we made arrangements to visit the 9/11 memorial.

This photo was taken of John outside of the 9/11 Museum Pavilion.

A strong reflection while we were all reflecting the loss, strength and resilience

of our country at a time of adversity.


Turquoise for Miles…

Photo Friday Theme – spaciousCaitlin looking out over water

girls on bow

Adventures renting a boat for the day off of Summerland Key presented the spacious, endless turquoise waters. Captain O (aka: Dad) guides us around to find places to snorkel and just take in the beauty around us. We even had a fun dolphin encounter. The Keys are one of my favorite places for the relaxed atmosphere, great fresh seafood and the gorgeous turquoise waters! – Kim

As Jimmy Buffet sings “Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude”

An Apple a Day

photo friday theme – delicious

Beautiful fruit from our apple picking adventure in Chester, NJ.   Kim

apples collected

The Apple Orchard

Come let us watch the sun go down
and walk in twilight through the orchard’s green.
Does it not seem as if we had for long
collected, saved and harbored within us
old memories? To find releases and seek
new hopes, remembering half-forgotten joys,
mingled with darkness coming from within,
as we randomly voice our thoughts aloud
wandering beneath these harvest-laden trees
reminiscent of Durer woodcuts, branches
which, bent under the fully ripened fruit,
wait patiently, trying to outlast, to
serve another season’s hundred days of toil,
straining, uncomplaining, by not breaking
but succeeding, even though the burden
should at times seem almost past endurance.
Not to falter! Not to be found wanting!

Thus must it be, when willingly you strive
throughout a long and uncomplaining life,
committed to one goal: to give yourself!
And silently to grow and to bear fruit.

Rainer Maria Rilke

The End Of Summer?

= Dania Beach 8/5/2011 =



The end of summer. A time when everyone begins to move indoors.  A time when the beaches become deserted and ice cream is eaten less often.

Wait a minute, this is Florida. The summer never really ends. Stay outside, eat ice cream and enjoy those sandy beaches.  – Diane

An Icy Scene

= nativity scene carved from ice 11/27/2008 =



This Nativity was hand carved from 520 blocks of ice. It was on display at the Gaylord Plams in Orlando, FL in 2008 as part of their annual ICE! show. The show is a walk through event with rooms full of larger than life ice sculptures such as candy houses, wreaths, arctic animals, and even a train. They have 4 ice slides for kids of all ages and it always ends in this room with the Nativity. No winter coat, no problem, parkas are provided for you as the temperature is an unFloridian 9 degrees.  – Diane


An Old Rivalry

photo friday theme – end of summer

canes game

Nothing marks the end of summer like Labor Day, school starting and football!

We flew down for the big home game of the season – the University of Miami Hurricanes playing their old rivals the Florida Gators.  My husband being a part of the football alumni always brings an opportunity to see old friends and teammates. We had a great view of the crazy student section and all the fun! The game was very exciting and was a nail biter down to the end. The pure joy and energy in the stadium was an incredible experience…. one I may not have experienced since the Hurricanes of the 1980’s.

Although I always hate to see Summer go – Welcome Autumn! – Kim