A Favorite Place…

theme – structure

Dean's in Pleasanton

  This summer I had the great opportunity to travel back to the San Francisco area while my husband was working there. I spent my time in Pleasanton, where we lived for seven years, hanging out with one of my closest friends Pauline. This photo was on one of our walks downtown Pleasanton.

I love the old 50’s style structure of Dean’s Cafe storefront.

 Dean’s is on 624 Main. This highly detailed wood-framed building was constructed in 1890 and was originally occupied by the Kolb General Merchandise Store. In 1954, the detailing was covered by stucco and the building was expanded to become Dean’s Café.


What I found

theme – what I found

St. Stephen statue

We found this statue of a Saint while my husband John and I were cleaning up our yard this Spring. The previous owners had lived here more than 20 years and their grandson grew up in the house, so there are signs everywhere of him growing up… From an old Tonka dump truck to the treehouse that had been torn down to rocks stacked to make a fire pit. We both went through things thoughtfully and found spots to place among the backyard.

This one is my favorite… I believe he is St. Francis. He is known as the patron saint of animals, the environment, and is one of the two patron saints of Italy .  He is also known for his love of the Eucharist, his sorrow during the Stations of the Cross, and for the creation of the Christmas creche or Nativity Scene.


Just Another Day in Paradise

theme – season of sun


We had a week to vacation with the girls in May when college ended and before the summer plans began. While staying on Summerland Key, we took a few trips to Bahia Honda Park for their beautiful beaches and snorkeling.

Henry Flagler’s railroad to Key West turned the remote island of Bahia Honda Key into a tropical destination. Today, the island is home to one of Florida’s southernmost state parks! Just a little slice of sun, fun and paradise. –Kim

View from under the Manhattan Bridge

theme – Metropolis

view of NYC

John and I were invited to join our friend Mike and his sister to a Brooklyn “Foodie Smorgasbord”. I had never been to Brooklyn before, and was pleasantly surprised to find new building, parks, and great views of the city. We scoped out the food booths and divided up to choose our lunches. I had a lobster roll with spinach and citrus vinagrette and met some of the nicest people standing in line for my “natural ice tea” served in a mason jar!

Mike’s sister Sarah couldn’t have been more gracious showing us around Brooklyn waterfront and then to her gorgeous town home in Tribeca. Sarah’s husband (who was an incredible architect ) were really some of the first families to help change the face of Tribeca in the 1970s. She resides only a few blocks from the now incredible Freedom Tower – a symbol of our country’s resilience and strength.

Thank you both for a wonderful day! — Kim

Ferry with a View

theme – traveling

Ferry with a view...

I love the couple in this shot.

As we were taking the Essex Ferry across Lake Champlain from New York to Vermont, this lovely

couple were prepared as they pulled out their camp chairs and set up their own romantic sunset.

Although I had been taking pictures for most of the trip with my Nikon, this shot I happened to be

holding only my iPhone . This is definitely the way to travel via ferry and it gives the driver a break!


Shooting Hoops

activity invisible_edited-1


I’m trying to be a little creative here. This may only make sense in my mind but I hope you get the idea. The theme is activity.  I chose this shot, which is void of the actual activity, because honestly, I’m not sure I will ever get to use it for anything else and I really like it. Hopefully you instantly recognize what activity would be taking place if I was not standing directly under the hoop shooting straight up to the sky. I don’t know what possessed me to take this shot (probably just because I am short and have to walk under it every time I park my car in the driveway) but I love the result. I will have to remember to look up more often and try to get all angels of the subject.  – Diane

Wooden Coaster



wooden coaster_edited-1


The Hurricane wooden coaster in Dania Beach, Florida.

After a day in the arcade playing games, laser tag, and even some mini golf, the kids and their friends hopped aboard the Hurricane.  – Diane

Mr. Toad

i found a frog_edited-1



This little guy was found on a softball field during one of my daughter’s night practices. I’m glad I had my camera with me as the practice was so boring and there wasn’t enough light to read. The frogs were so loud on this particular night that I decided to go on the empty field next to the practice field in search of the noise makers. As you can see, the hunt was successful.

The frog / toad / whatever he technically is blended into the background so I used the technique of turning part of a photo into black and white. I’m sure there is a more technical name for this but I honestly had only done it once before during a Photoshop class. I was able to accomplish this by stumbling around my Elements program and accidentally finding what I needed. (Quick selection tool + invert; definitely not the magnetic lasso thingy) It was another “look what I found” moment.  – Diane