Love of Barns

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Where do I begin… I love barns!

I think I always have wanted to live on a farm from the time I was a kid. I love the fresh smell of hay along with the horses and other barnyard animals that usually accompany a barn. When I was nine we moved to Wexford, Pennsylvania to a development cut out of the woods and surrounded by farms, corn, and such. The property behind us had a huge barn with “Chew Tobacco” advertised on it. It’s an image imprinted in my mind of a time where I was free to roam with my little red beagle. Barns to me mean a simpler time or maybe a grounded life. I plan to take photos of all the barns in the area I live by.


I was really happy with the quality of this shot on my iphone 4.

One Comment on “Love of Barns

  1. Great pic. Love what you wrote too. They do remind me of a simpler way of life. Maybe that’s why I love Little House on the Prairie so much.

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