Month: January 2013

Late Afternoon Shadows

theme – shadowThis photo was taken of my daughter who was stretching to practice before her Nationals Competition at the Gaylord hotel in Nashville. The late afternoon shadows from the windows provided a dramatic effect. – Kim

A Topsail Sunrise

SERENE Topsail, NC. One of the only places you can catch me willingly getting on a boat. Especially before the sun comes up. Every summer I make myself go on one of the early morning fishing trips my family takes. They fish with hooks…

Serene Sugarloaf

theme – serene This photo was taken from the home we rented for a week on Sugarloaf Key. It was truly a paradise. As I sit in 28 degree weather, I am day dreaming about my time there! – Kim

Heart of Paradise

theme – pattern This was taken at the Bonnet House on a rainy afternoon photo fieldtrip. Barbara Dix, my watercolor teacher will be happy to know that this makes me want to paint again! – Kim

Below The Balconies

PATTERN I have always loved photos of fire escapes and patterns in buildings. These particular balconies are on an apartment building in New York City.  I used the neon edges filter to make the pattern of these balconies pop out for the theme. –…

Face to Face at Flamingo Gardens

theme – the lucky shot There are a few reasons for choosing this as my lucky shot… I was lucky that the feathered subject was interacting with me. I was then fortunate that the screen made a cool background but did not blur the…

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

THE LUCKY SHOT My daughter and I went on a photo hike at the local park. We pulled into a parking space and saw this squirrel just laying flat on its tummy eating an acorn. We had never seen one laying on its tummy…