This is Diesel, Shannons Doberman. Dangerous? Could be. To those who know him well, his nickname is Marmaduke. He is big, sweet and a little goofy and positively terrified of flies!

He could actually lick you to death! Danger!


Daily Post Weekly Challenge – Danger

Daily Post theme: heritage

These are effigy heads that were found among funeral offerings of chieftains in Dominican Republic. I’m sharing them as more of a lost heritage among the locals. I am amazed at the artistry that was created from basic tools compared to today. Unfortunately civilization has erupted and removed so many ancient rituals from their heritage as well as so many others. – Diane


Rooftop Reflections

Daily Post theme: reflection

A wall of silver balls on a rooftop bar. – Diane



Daily Post theme: danger

Being a hockey fan I have been to many games, mostly Florida Panthers, but on a trip to Tampa we decided to go to one of their games. I know they are the Tampa Bay Lightning but I had no idea they would use actual lightning in their stadium. The first time it went off (when the team took the ice) I admit it startled me a bit. It seemed so close to us and the noise, that electrical zapping, made it more terrifying. It took me a few times to get used to it but I eventually became fascinated by it and determined to capture a few shots of it. I still think a warning would have been nice. – Diane


Wanderlust Lokal

Theme – Wanderlust

Wanderlust: is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world

I love to travel and explore new places. I feel like my bucket list grows by the day as I scroll through Instagram.

There are some days that you are doing your “MUST DO” errands like replacing a lost drivers license. On your way, you notice a flash of pink…  local wanderlust! Of course I did my errand first, but stopped at Hurd Park on the way back to explore cherry blossom trees on the either bank of a man made creek…. I felt like Alice in Wonderland! It truly made my day that I found this little treasure. It may not have been the Italian coast but it was wanderlust all the same!

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Wanderlust

Reluctant Traveling

Daily Post theme: wanderlust

I am a reluctant traveler. If my husband didn’t drag me on vacations, I probably would never go anywhere. I love the destinations once we get there but I am not of fan of the actual traveling…unless it’s in a car. I like my feet on the ground, not on water or air. After seeing many of my co-blogger’s beautiful travel shots, I became jealous enough to give it a try. I put up the shade on the airplane  window and was amazed at the beauty below me. I was so amazed that my fear had vanished. Thank you Kim for inspiring me to try something new and for pushing me outside my comfort zone. – Diane


Take Care 

Daily Post Theme: Earth

I am in awe of the beauty of all that God has created. His artistry in the painted skies, landscapes and the incredible detail of every living species! 

We have the opportunities to enjoy the great outdoor but it is also our responsibility to take care of where we travel. Recycling and respecting where we travel. A dear friend whom I love picks up trash if she finds it on a hiking trail or a sidewalk! She is making a difference wherever she goes! 

We should all take care of the roads we travel here in this beautiful home we call earth. 


The Beauty of the Parking Lot

Daily Post: earth

Earth. The place we are fortunate enough to call home. Sometimes it surprises you with its beauty as you exit a restaurant. – Diane


Early Good Morning

Daily Post Theme: SupriseThe look between surprise and a little curiosity met my eyes that morning from the small group of deer in my front yard. 

– Kim

When Ordinary Things Are Watching You

Daily Post theme: surprise

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched only to find out it’s coming from an object and not a person? I was drinking some hot chocolate during a hockey scrimmage camp, which wasn’t going very well for the home team, when I looked down and found this face in my cup. It was definitely the right face for the game.

I had the same feeling when I was waiting with my husband before he went into surgery. I looked up to see the medical cart staring back at me. Again, it was an appropriate face for the situation. I felt like it was there to make me smile and giggle and I felt a little comforted by it. Looking at it in the photo still makes me smile. 



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