Monkeying Around

Punta Cana 2016 92


 Fun – daily post theme

We had lots of fun while feeding the monkeys in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. They sure were mischievous little things.



Exploring the Northern Fork

Exploring a new area is one of my favorite things to do with my husband. Top down on the jeep and driving around the coastal regions in the Northern Fork and Shelter Island was our latest adventure.

It was a day of fun stopping in at local breweries, wineries, new places to eat and walking around all the small towns. Each place has its own personality and flavor to enjoy!


Daily Post Challenge – Fun

Narrow Garden

While exploring Southampton, there were beautiful garden boxes built into the guard rails separating pedestrians from the road.

While that in itself was creative, the mixture of florals and herbs and even the addition of delicate little strawberry plants made this garden quite unique! Now I just need to recreate it at home!

I chose to alter the photo and create an artsy feel using Enlight. 


WordPress Photo Challenge theme- Narrow

The Painted Sky

It was a day of firsts… starting with driving my husband’s large pickup truck over the GWB and maneuvering through the traffic through the Bronx to get out to Long Island.

It was my friend and my first time visiting the Hamptons. What is lovely about that is around every corner you are in awe by the architecture, quaint towns, a glimpse of the sea and reaching Land’s End.

Our plan was to make it to a dinner spot for sunset, but on our travels we remembered a winery that we had passed earlier and wanted some pictures. They were about to close, but ordered a glass of wine and went out in the back to catch a sunset over the winery (another first!).

Cheers!     – Kim

A Progression of Boxes

saturated boxes

My daughter will be a senior in college this year and will have her very own apartment. Before we start the move, we obviously needed to go to Ikea for “ideas”. My favorite part of Ikea is not their famous Swedish meatballs or even their honey buns, but when you walk into their warehouse of boxes. Rows and rows of boxes. I love the hunt for the right boxes. If your lucky, some of these boxes actually turn into furniture.

Although I like this photo, I thought it might be a good one to play around with too. Here’s a few of my favorite looks.

Saturated Boxes

saturated boxes

Urban boxes

urban boxes

Low-key boxes (I really like the age, shapes, and darkness of this one)

low key boxes

I saved the creepiest one for last. I love how it looks like an old building with the windows blown out.

Neon glow boxes

neon glow boxes

Crossing Over

Our daughter was visiting last weekend and had Smorgasburg in Brooklyn on her must do list. We had been before, but were very happy to go again. With the Manhattan skyline as our backdrop, we sampled delicious foods from area restaurants. With everything from surf and turf burgers to sushi to homemade ice cream sandwiches, there was something to make even the pickiest eaters happy! We each chose something and then shared. 

After all that eating, we took a ferry over to the area by the Brooklyn Bridge and after stopping off for a refreshment climbed the stairs that took us to the bridge.

As a child I had bridge nightmares of high bridges and fear of driving off to our doom…. Well this was a fun experience for sure. We were definitely in “tourist rush hour”  but there was a hip hop concert below and everyone was taking family selfies, riding bikes, or jogging to grab some exercise. As we were leaving Brooklyn behind, I directed my focus to the Manhattan skyline. Fortunately it had rained and taken away some of the heat of the day and also the clarity on this overcast afternoon.

There was no gloom and doom… Only a cool walk on a Saturday afternoon!