Bingo Corn… again

Daily Post theme: Against the Odds


By now I am sure you are tired of seeing my bingo corn but I really didn’t have anything else for this theme. I guess that’s kind of sad in a way, but at least I won $5 playing bingo with corn! I don’t think it is worthy of the word jackpot but I’ll take it. – Diane

Out of the Shadows

Daily Post theme: Shadow

I love catching the dogs sunbathing in the sunny spots. This time I caught them fighting over the sunny spot. Sport is the clear winner and wants the other two gone.


Solitude: A Happy Place

Daily Post theme: Solitude

My son has my personality. We both enjoy our moments of solitude. Watching him play on the slip and slide by himself while the rest of the neighborhood kids were playing streetball gave me a sense of peace. We were both in a little world of our own. He was having a great time slipping and sliding, and I was enjoying watching how much fun he was having instead of the chaotic scene of streetball with all of its noise. I was actually surprised the other kids didn’t join in on the slip and slide once my son set it up but I was also grateful they didn’t.




Book Bouquet

Daily Post Theme: repurposed


I found this bouquet of old book pages in a little museum store and instantly fell in love with them. I wish I had bought a few more bouquets. I added the little pin to hold them all together.     – Diane


Strike A Pose


Daily Post Theme: Graceful

I think this statue was trying to be as graceful as possible but we all have those moments when we try to be graceful and it just makes us more clumsy looking. Nice try statue.  – Diane

Wine Time

Daily Post theme: ambience


All I need is a chair and a glass of wine. I can feel myself relaxing. – Diane

Scooby Doo Where Are You?

People name all sorts of things. Some name their cars. My mom’s pea green Nova was Betsy. Betsy didn’t like the New Jersey winters. She got yelled at a lot. Like Betsy, some car names bring back a childhood of memories. The Mystery Machine does just that.


Daily Post Theme: Names

Artistic Expressions

WordPress Photo Challenge-Names

“This week, share a photo that includes a name. When you stop and look around, you realize that we’re surrounded by names: street signs, name tags, vanity license plates, boat names, brand names, the spines of the books on your shelf… there are possibilities everywhere.”

As the challenge expressed, we like to put a name on everything and branding is the perfect example. I love my red wine and art/graphic design, so naturally I enjoy wine labels while shopping for the next bottle. 

My background is in advertising and design but I still find myself totally influenced by a wine’s label in choosing something new. Just because it’s pretty or has a cool name doesn’t make it good, but I still buy it! 

Cheers- Kim

Family Portrait 

This family photo was taken by a friend about 19 years ago for a Christmas card, but we have never had a professional family portrait taken….

My husband informed me that this Christmas my present would be a family portrait! I was very happy that they came up with this idea. The photo shoot will occur while on Christmas break and the anticipation is building in hopes of having a family shot I will cherish. 


New Horizons

Daily Post Theme – New Horizon

1. Horizon- the place in the distance where the earth and sky seem to meet.

I love to travel and this year I managed to find some new destinations on my adventures. The beautiful places visited over the summer that take your breath away, where you choose to linger and be inspired. This brings me to the second definition of Horizon…

2. A person’s horizons are the limit of that person’s ideas, knowledge, and experience.

This year has been a challenge in coming from the most inactive I have ever been in all aspects of my life and making a goal -changing my ideas of who I was and where I wanted to be!

I don’t believe we are limited and that we  have the ability to be always learning and broadening our horizons…. spiritually, intellectually and physically!

That is my outlook for 2017 to continue to grow in those areas, be grateful for every day and to give back where I am called to do so!

Merry Christmas and a blessed New year!


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