Theme – Transformation

We had a snow system move through the state over the weekend and it transformed the dead look of late Autumn with a fresh blanket of snow!

For me, the fresh cold air and snow helped to get me into the Christmas spirit ( which was needed!) So I had a transformation from Grinch to Giving!



Theme – Experimental

This year we discussed with our move not getting a Christmas Tree…. well I ran out to Home Goods to purchase an artificial, very small tree (possibly a large bush)!

I experimented by buying the “flocked” tree and selectively took out color coordinated decorations from my boxes. I really enjoyed the artificial tree as it can hold heavier ornaments and you can adjust the branches. I was surprised I liked it so much!

We ended up getting a real tree as well with one of the girls coming home and not moving before the years end!


At Peace

Daily Post theme: serene

My in-laws sharing a serene moment by themselves. All of us could use a few more moments like this in our lives. – Diane

The Golden One

Daily Post theme: transformation

A street performer in Disney’s Epcot transforms himself into a golden statue. – Diane

Just Add Chocolate

Daily Post theme: experimental

I am not experimental by nature but I try while on vacation. I’m also not a drinker and have never had a martini so on this particular vacation I experimented with a chocolate martini. After all, it has chocolate, how bad can it be? Ew, experiment failed. I think I will stick with my kahlua. – Diane

A Season of Life

Theme: Temporary

When I think of this theme, of course the seasons come right to my mind. In the northeast, it has been incredible watching the newness of spring, the full color of summer, the rust and golds of autumn and the beautiful starkness of winter. Each season brings something to look forward to.

There are people who live their lives in one area. For us, my husbands work moves us around to different regions. I look at each of these as an adventure!

Our season in the northeast is coming to a close. I am torn as I look forward to being close to family and old friends, I am also sad to leave my home, this beautiful area, the quiet backroads and the new friendships. Although our time here is temporary, as is a season, now I do have another place I have called Home and know I can always return💙

Jeep Life

Theme – Peek

My 2011 Rubicon has been the perfect vehicle for my NJ travels… Especially a Southerner learning to drive in the snow.

There’s nothing like opening up the top on a beautiful day and enjoy the backroads with the wind in your hair!


Purple Skies

Daily Post theme: temporary

epcot sunset 4

The temporary peace of a beautiful sunset. – Diane

Eye See You

Daily Post theme: peek

Anyone that knows me knows I have a fear of eyeballs. They instantly throw me into a panic attack when I see them up close or as a decoration of some sort. I used to actually pass out but now its just a giant panic attack,  so I like to think I am improving.

I was enjoying some browsing in a fantastic shop in Tampa last year when I looked down and saw these holiday ornaments peeking up at me. The sweating started instantly and I couldn’t find my husband fast enough. Something about them made me go back and snap a quick picture. Now that it’s been almost a year, I wish I had one for my Christmas tree. I can look at them now and see them as a symbol of something that scares me without being scared of them. Sometimes I think it is the element of surprise in seeing an eyeball where it doesn’t belong that catches me off guard and triggers a panic attack.

What about real eyes you ask? Let’s just say my husband has to go with me to the eye dr. and the doctor physically sighs when he sees me in his chair. Sometimes he and my husband have a conversation about my eyes without me because it will just upset me. – Diane

My Favorite Spot(s)

Theme – Corner

I took the take on this theme as my favorite corners to hang out in my home.

The two posted here are my office where I can work on my photos and artwork… and a new little corner outside the French doors where I can read or take in a little afternoon sunshine!


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