Shining Sea

Theme- Shiny by Kim

I am one of those people who is drawn to coastal regions. I love the ocean… be it the still turquoise waters of the Caribbean or the waves crashing along the rocks in Newport. It’s a place to calm the spirit from sea to shining sea!

This week’s theme is shiny which I thought about light shining and reflecting off of the morning water.

Seaside Beauty

Theme- Elemental by Kim

This photo was taken at The Breakers estate in Newport. The majestic building sitting on the rugged coastline.

The wispy filter enhanced the open air room overlooking the ocean.

Epcot Sunset

Daily Post theme: elemental

The sun sets over a great day shared with family at Epcot in Orlando. – Diane

Jelly Bean Mascot

Daily Post theme: texture

This is the Florida Panthers NHL team mascot, Stanley C. Panther. He was made for a guess how many jelly beans it took contest. Needless to say, I didn’t win. – Diane

Floral Textures

Theme – Textures

I love that living in the northeast has given me the chance to grow hydrangeas… my favorite flower.

When you zoom in close for a macro shot, you can see such a soft, velvety texture. We just added many to our front yard and I'm in hydrangea heaven!


Tomato Season

Theme – Satisfaction
There is something so satisfying about harvesting something you've planted into the earth. This is our 4th Summer of planting a vegetable garden and we've had great results.

Good To The Last Drop

Daily Post theme: satisfaction

coffee art

Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than a good cup of coffee.

I was on a weekend get away in Tampa and there was this great tiny pastry shop right next door to our hotel. They had the best macaroons and coffee. The lovely lady making the coffee kept apologizing for how long it was taking her which really wasn’t very long. She wanted to practice her newly acquired coffee art skills. This is what I love about all of the non-chain mom and pop type places. The entire experience was very satisfying.

Unusual Artistry

Theme -Unusual by Kim

We found this unusual character in Epcot during their artist's weekend. At first glance I may have thought he looked like Lumiere, but no he seemed to be some imaginary mime. The kids around us really seemed to enjoy him!

Floral Collage

Theme – Collage by Kim


Theme- Bridge by Kim

I have to say that I really enjoyed walking the Brooklyn Bridge. Moving across the bridge toward the City with the sounds of hip hop resonating from below. Crossing over with every age and nationality who are all trying to experience a little piece of New York from a different perspective.

The city is a bridge connecting us to others. Whenever we have friends or family come and stay, we always end up doing something in NYC. It connects us by experiencing something new and cultural together. Making memories by having adventures together is a wonderful thing!

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