Traveling, Key West Style

Traveling, Key West Style_edited-1


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After driving around Key West in our giant Yukon, we decided to rent an electric car for a day and travel like true Key Westers. It was so much fun. Feeling the sunshine and the breeze, and locals would wave and say hello as we drove by. If you look at the front of the car it looks like a smiling face. It’s like the car knows just how great its job is. – Diane

Stranded in Key West

neglected in Key West_edited-2


The vacation with my family in Key West, FL was wonderful but photographically, I felt the blahs. After sightseeing for 2 days and taking less than a dozen photos, I knew I needed some inspiration. A little  texting war with Kim (my Photo Friday Friend) seemed to be just the inspiration I was looking for. I jotted down all the Photo Friday Themes I was missing and went on a photo treasure hunt. It was fun and very inspiring. Now I try to keep a list of themes with me for those unexpected uninspired moments.  – Diane