Neighborhood Bear

Photo Friday Theme: Large by Kim DSC_0163

This photo was taken on a beautiful April day in the high 70’s and clear skies. Everyone has decided it’s time to  come out of hibernation from the winter. My husband John and I took the dog on a walk up toward the reservoir. Nothing eventful during the walk, until after dinner when our shepherd, Bailey started growling…  well the neighborhood bear came out of hibernation too!

People were pulled over taking pictures of the bear in our neighbor’s yard and we pulled out our camera too…. Floridians remember?   He disappeared for awhile and then reappeared with the neighbors garbage can and was having a nice smorgasbord in their yard! I remember hearing  of the “neighborhood bear” and to not put out your garbage until the morning of pick up!

We did see him a few more times wondering between the homes and definitely have him in my mind when I take the dog out for a walk.  No worries though, it’s winter and we are back to hibernating!

Pondering Life

Watching Sunset

Photo Friday Theme: Best of 2015

It is always difficult to look over your work for the year and clearly choose what you consider your best photograph. Some are pure luck… catching a moment by chance and others can be planned and prepared for.

This location in the Florida Keys was not planned as we were on the road but knew we wanted to take some sunset shots. It worked out that they had a great sunset pier.

My co-blogger Diane and I set up our tripods, cameras and were there for a long time pre and post sunset. I took many shots at different vantage points but I chose this one as someone walked out to enjoy the last light of the day. (One of those pondering life shots!)

This is a simple shot but is a mix of luck, timing and being set up to catch the moment. May or may not be my best, but the journey to get there makes it one to remember.

Wishing my co-bloger Diane, our Ennui subscribers and of course my husband and girls a very Happy New Year!




Downtown During the Holidays…


Theme – Downtown

Okay… It’s not NYC or SanFrancisco, but the enchanting downtown of Hogsmeade at Universal Orlando. It was just as crowded in the streets of Harry Potter’s world as trying to get a glimpse of the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center! Below is a cropped view where I taken cropped out the crowds to glimpse the fun architecture. –Kim

388653_10150468175904220_575939219_9043651_1854241723_n - Version 2

The Colors of the Rainbow

2015-07-04 16.58.28Theme – Tree

On our vacation to Hawaii, I came across the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. I was amazed at the variety of colors in trunk of this tree. At first glance, I felt like I was at a new Disney exhibit where the imagineers had come up with this fantasy tree, but it indeed was authentic.  So cool!



Photo Friday Theme: Discovery

Last Saturday, John and I were checking out the local farmer’s market in Burlington, VT (the best I’ve been to) and I made this discovery on the side of a building across from the market. A gorgeous hummingbird mural – enormous at 28 feet tall, it’s more than 100 times the size of an actual ruby-throated hummingbird by muralist Mary Lacy. It brought me joy and inspiration.

End of Day

2015-07-04 18.53.06-1

Theme – End of Day by Kim

An amazing end of day – July 4th on Waikiki Beach! We were relaxing to the sounds of a traditional island band enjoying an incredible meal with the family. It doesn’t get better…

Celebrating the Sunflower

N a t i o n a l   S u n f l o w e r   D a y2015-07-22 16.00.04-1Theme: Circle by Kim

Lovely sunflowers are  blooming in my garden. The seed head forms a circle composed of disk flowers crowded together. A single sunflower head hosts hundreds of tiny flowers called florets.

“True friends are like bright sunflowers that never fade away, even over distance and time.” ― Marie Williams Johnstone


“it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!”
Kenny Chesney

Waikiki sunriseTheme – Summer by Kim

Waking up to watch the sunrise just for the beauty of it…. no alarm, a morning stroll on the beach, planning a day with your family over Blue Kona java… this has all the makings of a summertime family vacation.

Years ago it was easier to plan as the kids were happy to go on whatever adventure was before them. As time has passed, they have had commitments through sports, camps and responsibilities working, so the family vacation idea becomes a little more difficult as they become adults.

So today’s family vacations are precious moments that bring us together to relax, play and adventure. A place to reconnect in a new locale (or old favorite one) and make time for those most important to us… our family.

“it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!”
― Kenny Chesney