Mums the Word


Autumn Color by Kim

When Autumn arrives,  almost every front porch or landscaping include mums in beautiful oranges, yellows and reds.

I had a few stragglers from the ones on my porch and placed them in a mason jar on my window sill.

Bloomin’ Sunflower!


Blur – Kim

I had a great time this summer photographing flowers and my vegetable garden. I really enjoy creating the background blur giving the photo a feeling of a watercolor painting and focusing on the subject of interest.

Chandelier Art


Curvy – Kim

On a recent trip to Florida, my friend and fellow blogger Diane put together a photo field trip to the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach. It was here I planned to go entirely on manual…. still laughing about that one. I did not bring a tripod and we mostly took interiors with not much natural lighting. Switching to aperture priority was the closest I could achieve any sort of success.

This shot of a curvy chandelier was taken from directly below it. Diane came up with this idea and we had fun going from room to room to see what this angle would bring. I hope she may post all of hers as an online gallery as it was her original idea.

Looking forward to what our next photo field trip will bring.

Home Sweet Home

front porchHome – Kim

This is the first home I have lived in that has a beautiful front porch. The front porch is the welcome before you reach the front door. It’s a great place to read a book or enjoy a glass of wine.

Birds are quiet now; they’ve gone to sleep

I can hear the little peepers peep.

Lightning bugs sparkle as they do their dance

Mother Nature leaves nothing to chance.

Temperature’s holding at 72.

No one here but me and you~

Pour me a cold one and set right down

On the old porch swing.

-Excerpt from “Old Porch Swing” by Ellen Schmidt


Love of Old Florida style

ol jeep

Falling Apart – Kim

This is an old favorite from when I took watercolor classes at Flamingo Gardens.

In the back parking lot was one of their old tour jeeps complete with turquoise and flamingo pink paint job.

It now houses plants and many banana spiders, but I have to admit, I would love to refurbish this one and of course keep the colors!

Rainbow Bridge

LakePowellPhoto Friday Theme – Panorama by Kim

This was one of my favorite vacations with our close friends where we rented a houseboat for a week on Lake Powell. We spent the day playing on jet skis, tubing, and the slide from the top of the houseboat! We docked at different locations every few days enjoying each of the breathtaking views, enjoying conversation, friendship and family time!

One of the days, we took a trip to Rainbow Bridge in Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Utah. We reached this destination by boat on Lake Powell. After docking, there was a short walk up to the majestic arch. We took many photos of the area but were not permitted to walk under Rainbow Bridge because, it said, the American Indians consider it a sacred religious site.

Strike a Pose


Photo Friday Theme – From Nature by Kimberly O’Neill

If you can’t find it in nature, visit your nearest nature center!

This ibis’ habitat is at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida. My fellow blogger and photo enthusiast Diane took this photo field trip with me. It was great to go to an attraction with a fellow photographer as we are in the same mindset.