Spanish Moss

photo friday theme: large

spanish moss

A large Spanish Moss covered tree I found while on a photo hike exploring Koreshan State Park. I love huge trees with branches like this. It makes me think nature is stretching. – Diane

Yes Virginia, This is Winter


Photo Friday theme: winter colors

First I have to say it feels good to be back on Ennui again, I have missed posting with my friend but I had to spend some time taking care of my husband and then life just gets in the way. Kim, I thank you for keeping the ennui alive.

Now for the picture. It doesn’t look very wintery but I assure you I took this photo today, January 7, 2016. It was a “cold” 70 degrees here in South Florida. We just don’t get those amazing shots of glistening white snow here. Instead, these are the colors of winter in the south. – Diane

I Spy In The Sky…

Smiling Cloud

theme: cloudy

I love watching clouds and looking for images but this one might be a stretch.  I hope you see what I see. I spy in the sky a smiley face. If you see that you might have a chance at seeing my cloudy monster. The smiley face, hunched back, arms stretched out in front, legs walking across the roof tops. If you don’t see it that’s OK, I’ve been called crazy before.  – Diane

A Place To Dream


theme: dreamy

I went with a place to dream rather a than a place that looks dreamy. I just want to curl up with a good book and watch the day pass by.

In the Alley


theme: discovery

This was a true discovery in Boston. While waiting outside for my mom, who was in a CVS getting water, we saw lots of people exit this alleyway. It peaked our interest especially since they all had bags of goodies that smelled delicious. We decided to enter the alleyway and see what was going on. To our surprise there was a teeny tiny bakery! It was like a slice of heaven tucked into a hole in the wall. If I lived in Boston, I would be here everyday.


Flagler House


theme – piece of history

The Flagler house, or Whitehall, was the 75 room, 100,000 square foot winter home of Henry Flagler and his wife. It is in Palm Beach Florida and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Henry Flagler was an American industrialist, a key figure in the development of the east coast of Florida, and the founder of the Florida East Coast Railway.