3 Little Pigs On A Spoon

3 little pigs on a spoon

The Daily Post theme this week is: scale. I have no idea what hit me in the head and said, “put some pigs on a spoon” but, here they are. Just to clarify, this is a regular old tablespoon not a serving spoon. I actually had a fourth on there but it got a little crowded. Something about pigs being in threes just works. – Diane

This little piggy hopped on a spoon…

piggy 3

and so did this one…

piggy 1

and this little piggy was the smallest of them all.

piggy 2

I’m clearly not a poet.


House of Trolls

colored pencils

This theme came from Kim. Transform. I’m not sure if I was supposed to shoot something that was transformed but I did have fun transforming this shot into colored pencils. I think it helped with the blown out sky and I love the texture on the tree.

I titled it The House of Trolls because every time I look at it I feel like some cartoon character, or more specifically one of those troll dolls with the crazy hair, will come out of it. The colors of the house combined with the bench out front and being tucked under that tree with the spanish moss…. perfect for a troll doll. It is actually a cozy store on Calhoun Street in Bluffton, SC. This street is lined with lots of great little stores full of treasures like this one.

original photo before the big transformation


Blue Waters


theme: on a walk

The Florida Keys are known for their blue waters. This was taken from a bridge overlooking the Atlantic. (It might be the Gulf of Mexico. I can’t remember and I have been directionally impaired since birth. I’m sure Kim will let me know which it is.) – Diane

Capturing the Sunrise

most amazing

I’m choosing this photo to go with the http://www.betterphoto.com monthly theme of most amazing shot. This is my most amazing shot of this year.

Kim and I went on a photo trip to the Florida Keys this week. Kim had 2 goals, 1. catch a sunrise and 2. catch a sunset. The keys are unique in that you can catch both the sunrise and sunset over bodies of water in the same day with very little travel. This shot was taken on Key Largo. Although it looks like the sun is up in the sky, the tiny orange sliver coming up over the tree line is the actual sun. Clouds came in and covered the possibility of getting the bright orange ball but not before getting this shot. So there you have it, my most amazing shot of 2015 so far. – Diane

Little Birdie

Theme: little - title: the little birdie 04132012


I found this little guy while having coffee with Kim after a photo hike. Something about just how small he is compared to the wheel of the cart amazed me. I think my shots of the bird turned out better than most of the shots from my photo hike. – Diane

Shooting Pool



I found this in one of the rooms in the Flagler House on a recent photo hike with my co-author, Kim. The house was mainly lit with the sunlight coming through the windows. For photography the rooms were too dark or the light was completely blown out and they didn’t allow the use of tripods.  We had to look for different light sources and ended up getting some shots we wouldn’t normally have gotten. In this photo I loved how just the table top is illuminated by the light. I think it gives it a little ambiance. – Diane

The End of the Road



On my trip to Las Vegas we decided to drive through the desert to the Hoover Dam. I can assure you this was not a flood and it was not the end of the road. The road actually curves but I love how it looked like it was just going to end abruptly. – Diane