Pretty Petals


theme: flowers

My daughter picked out the most beautiful bouquet for my birthday since my husband was out-of-town. She also found two local, little mom and pop type book stores to take me too. I will remember this birthday for a long time.

Flying Lesson

flying lesson family of seagulls on spring break Dania Beach 032012

theme – beach

I found this family of seagulls while at the beach with my family. I realized I had never seen a family of seagulls with babies before. What a treat to watch.

Distant Sunset


theme: distant

I do not enjoy flying. If I have to fly I do it with the shades drawn. I have seen some spectacular photos my co-author has taken from a plane, so on this particular trip I tried to raise the shade for a few brief moments. Just enough time to capture this sunset.

Protected By Petals


theme : enveloped

The petals protect, or envelope, the insides of the flower until it is ready to bloom and multiply. Sorry I don’t have the technical names for the flower parts but it has been a very long time since I learned them in 8th. grade science class and although this is the age of the internet, I have no desire to look up the actual names at this time. I just love their beauty.

8 Little Ducks


theme: 8 of something

Around town lately I have seen many little baby ducks with their moms (or dads). It made me look for this shot I took in Boston. I’m glad there were just 8 babies so I could use it.

Itchy Palms

itchy palms

theme: texture

I can’t imagine running my hand over this palm tree. There’s just nothing about the texture that I want to reach out and touch.

Dreaming in Aquamarine

turquoise watersEnnui Photo Theme – Aquamarine

My favorite range of colors fall into the many shades of and closest to Aquamarine. This was taken off the shore of Bahia Honda State Park. Loving the little sand bar Isle off to the top right!

Wish I had a boat to anchor off of that spot for the day! Maybe next trip…