pumpkin 3


I’m not particularly fond of seasonal themes because here, in south Florida, we don’t really have seasons. I do however, enjoy being jealous of all the beautiful photos entered for these themes.

My first idea was to say, “I’ll show them… I will photograph crayons in fall colors.” That was not quite turning out the way I wanted it to and I really wanted something a little prettier. While in the grocery store I found their fall display with lots of kinds of mini pumpkins and fake leaves. I love the unusual stripes of the 2 tiger pumpkins and the stem on the orange one. I was not in love with using the fake leaves until I opened the cellophane and realized they were real oak leaves. At first I thought they made some pretty good fakes but then my allergies kicked in hard. They were certainly real. I have to say it is just weird to buy real fall leaves from a grocery store in 85 degree weather but, here in the south, we do what we have to do. – Diane

The Green Monster



Green is the perfect theme for this photo for 3 reasons. 1. This is the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL. Obviously the coaster itself is green. 2. That is my family (without me) in the third row from the front. I can honestly say I am not “green” with envy. 3. Passersby would probably have told you that I looked a little “green” as I watched my family be flipped upside down and all around at a high-speed.  So this is my version of green 3 ways. – Diane

Blurred Lines

blurred lines


On a recent stay in a hotel, I walked by the pool and became fascinated with the way the surface of the water looked. I took this shot because I liked how the water distorted the lines of the steps. – Diane

Spectacular Sky



This was the perfect night to be 5 floors up to watch the sunset over the Gulf Of Mexico. The clouds and colors made for a great show. I thought I had more panorama shots of the sunset but, I was just learning how to use the panorama setting on my camera. Some of the more dramatic ones just came out as regular photos.  Hopefully I will be using those for themes too. – Diane

Keeping the Peace



This statue just makes me feel calm. I know there is symbolism in the hands posed that way but to me it just means stop and breathe. Right now I have to admit I’m jealous of those of you that practice daily meditation. It seems so peaceful. – Diane