Warms the Soul



The first thing that popped into my mind for this theme was my mug and its sweater.  My second thought was to capture some steam rising from the cup like I see in so many Pinterest photos. Now that I have the coffee and the cookies I just need a great book and a comfy chair to recline in. So relaxing and good for the soul. – Diane




I snapped this shot as I was walking back to my cabin one night. I don’t know why I never thought to take this shot before, and I certainly didn’t think it would turn out as dark as it was. I was surprised to see how it turned out, and disappointed that I walked past the scene so quickly that I didn’t take the time to actually go up to the railing. You live, you learn. I need to book another cruise so I can re-do this. I’m sure my family won’t mind… – Diane

Around and Around She Goes



I would rather be firmly on the ground taking pictures than actually on this ride (or most rides). I noticed most of the people who were on this ride were under the age of 20. I guess the older you get, the more experienced you become, therefore the more intelligent  (or just braver) you become.  – Diane

Rainy Days



Most afternoons during the summer months in Florida there will be a rain shower. These showers could last a minute or two or maybe the entire afternoon. You will always find people peering around doorways wondering if they can make it to their cars or even just the next awning before becoming drenched, or should they just wait a few minutes for it to stop. I can’t tell you how many times I just went for it only to have the rain stop as soon as I got in my car.  – Diane

Baynard Ruins



The Baynard Ruins are located on Hilton Head Island, SC. The ruins were once a grand and beautiful plantation house with slave’s quarters built by Captain Jack Stoney in the 1790’s. Around 1840 Captain Stoney lost the estate to William Baynard in a poker game. In 1861 Union forces invaded the island and the Baynards fled the area. The house was turned into Union headquarters during the Civil War. In 1862 there was a fire that destroyed most of the estate and gave us what we now call the ruins. The photo above shows a corner of what was the grand plantation house.


2 #4 Aug. 1976 Jersey Shore


Since this is a theme from last year (I’m a little behind), I thought I could use an old photo since I wasn’t entering it on Photo Friday. This is a photo of my mom probably taken by my dad in the early 1970’s. I love everything about this photo. The pose (although I believe it was just a candid shot), the style, those great sunglasses, and of course how beautiful and young my mom looks. This is one of my all time favorite photos. I’m glad I found a theme where I could share it here with you. – Diane

Bird On A Wire




While waiting for the sun to set and the fireworks to begin, I found this bird perched on the mast of a yacht. Just one solitary bird. I started thinking about how nice and quiet it must be way up there out of the crowd of thousands. He also had one of the best seats in the house for the fireworks and when the show was over, he would be able to just relax or fly away instead of sitting in the traffic for an hour trying to get home. When I snapped this shot, I was jealous of his peaceful solitude. – Diane