Sunflowers in the Sky

sunflowers in the sky_edited-1


theme – season of sun

I was going to find a beach photo but then I remembered this shot I took a few years ago. I love the sunflowers up in the blue sky. I must give credit to my daughter for holding them up there and coming up with the idea. I think we photographed every angle possible when she started twirling around with them and holding them up. This is one of my personal favorites and it just makes me happy when I see it.  – Diane

You Look Like…

theme #3 family boys 02112012j

theme – Dad

Since I featured my dad in the candid theme I thought it was only fair to feature my husband’s dad for this theme. I find this photo interesting because my son looks so much like my brother most people assume he is my brother’s son. This is the first time I noticed how much he looks like my husband’s side of the family. He has the same nose and facial structure as his pop. I think the older he gets, the more he will look like him. Now if we can just solve the mystery of why my husband is the only balding male in the family. – Diane

Watching The Sunset

Watching The Sunset_edited-1


theme – body of water

I know the theme is body of water, and there is water in this shot but, I love the sky. My daughter and I knew the sunset on this day would be dramatic because of the clouds so we went out to find a spot to sit and watch. This little pond was in front of a housing development her friend lives in. I chose this shot for a water theme because the ducks were in the foreground. Once they figured out we weren’t feeding them, the left and my focus returned to the sky. – Diane

Gray Scale(s)

Gray Scale(s)_edited-1


theme – shades of gray

For this theme I knew I wanted to submit an actual color photo. It seems a little too easy to just submit a black and white photo and call it shades of gray.  I found this shot of the details of an alligators back. I remember taking it because I loved the texture  and it seemed to create a “path” right up his back. – Diane

Traveling, Key West Style

Traveling, Key West Style_edited-1


theme – traveling

After driving around Key West in our giant Yukon, we decided to rent an electric car for a day and travel like true Key Westers. It was so much fun. Feeling the sunshine and the breeze, and locals would wave and say hello as we drove by. If you look at the front of the car it looks like a smiling face. It’s like the car knows just how great its job is. – Diane

The View From Above

view from above_edited-1


theme – metropolis

Metropolis was one of the hardest themes for me so far. I don’t really go to big cities often. I live between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale but I haven’t yet found a spot where I could get a great metropolis shot. I think I’m going to put that on my to do list. I rarely go into these areas but I am sure they are full of hidden gems waiting to be photographed. Time to move out of my hometown comfort zone and start exploring.

This shot was taken from the top of the Empire State Building. I must confess I did not take it. My husband did. As we were in line waiting to go up, I had a huge panic attack thanks to my fear of heights. At the last-minute, I chickened out, put my camera on the lovely green square and said snap some shots for me. Maybe Miami is a good place for me to start. There, buildings aren’t so tall.  – Diane :(

photo credit to my husband Eliot Lupton

Ice Cold

ice cold_edited-1


theme – temperature

I am not a beer drinker but I will admit even this looks refreshing on a hot south Florida summer day. I couldn’t decide if I liked the photo in color or b&w better so I have posted both. I think the b&w one looks colder but I also like the pop of color in the first one. I would love to get some of your opinions on which one you like better. -Diane

ice cold bw_edited-1

Little Dragon

little things_edited-1


theme – little things

This little guy landed on our backyard volleyball net. I have taken better / more detailed photos of dragonflies but I like the face on this guy. It reminds me of an evil cartoon character or maybe even the face of the next villain in one of those comic book movies. – Diane




theme – pets

This is our dog, Sport. He is a mischievous little guy. He is 8 years old and gets into everything. His favorite pastime is getting q-tips from the bathroom trash can and eating them. Gross! Another favorite of his is to catch frogs. Frogs are poisonous to dogs especially little ones. After we shove the kitchen sprayer down his throat when he gets one, he bounces off the walls. Maybe it’s his form of catnip, who knows. Speaking of cats, he thinks he is a cat. He likes to relax on top of the back of the couch like a cat would. He can even jump like a cat does. We think he may have been a circus dog in an earlier life. Even with all of his quirkiness, he is part of our family and we love him.  – Diane

Just a small note about the photo: It wasn’t a very sharp photo but by using the poster edges filter, I was able to mask some of the blurriness. I’m so glad I was able to save these shot of him and his little mohawk.