The Graduate


theme: reward

13 years of I don’t want to do my homework, I don’t want to get up, I’m too tired, 5 more minutes, do I have to goto school today, car loop, PTA, school supplies, projects, and so much more has finally come to an end. Of course for her the reward is going away to college and not having parents ask to see homework every night, but for me it’s seeing the wonderful young adult she has become.

The Red Seat


theme: rule of thirds

There it is, the famed red seat in Fenway. This seat signifies the longest home run ever hit in the stadium. It was hit June 9, 1946 by Ted Williams and is measured to be 502 ft. .

Holocaust Memorial – Boston


theme: symmetry

The Holocaust Memorial in Boston is a path with a series of 6 glass towers. As you walk along the short path and through the glass towers there is information and statistics about the holocaust. More importantly, etched into the glass towers are stories from survivors along with the numbers the Nazis tattooed on their victims. I did not take this photo with a theme in mind but to show just how tall the towers are and just how many numbers are etched in the glass. So many numbers, so many victims.

Faneuil Hall


theme: buildings

 Built in 1742, Faneuil Hall is known for the many discussions of independence and the many speeches given by Samuel Adams and others. It was not only a meeting place but also a marketplace which it still is today.

Savings and (No) Loans

thrifty spender

theme: thrifty or spender

Since some of the weekly theme sites sometimes repeat themes, Kim and I made our own list for those weeks that just didn’t inspire us. This theme is one of our own.

I tend to be the more thrifty person in my family. I’m not a shopper or a spender. I’m usually content with what I have. (Unless we’re talking about books and scrapbook supplies.) One rule I have is to not spend any of the coin change we get. We throw it into the many piggy banks I have and cash it at the end of the year. Just by saving our pocket change all year-long, we usually cash in $300 – $400 worth of change. It’s like finding hundred-dollar bills in your couch cushions. – Diane

Empty Seats


theme: stillness

This shot was taken in TD Garden in Boston before the Boston Celtics take on the Miami Heat. In a few hours this arena will be full of activity and screaming fans, but for now it is calm and still. (FYI – the Heat won! Go Heat! I had to say that, it’s my home team.) – Diane

Since this is technically the Bruins stadium and we were in town for a Bruins game, I had to post the color photo to show off the Bruins yellow.


Beautifully Lit in the Darkness

IMG_6169 - Version 2

IMG_6169Photo Friday Theme – Darkness

This shot was taken while I was exploring Universal Orlando as my girls were on a ride I didn’t want to ride. I love the lighting of the building against the strong blue darkness of the clouds.