Softer than Soft

image1Photo Friday Theme:  Soft

This sweet little cat is Rue. She is my daughter’s cat and is named after a character from the book, “The Hunger Games.” Rue is sweet as can be but is also a tough kitty – she rules over the household including the german shepherd.

Her fur is like the coat of a bunny, softer than a stuffed animal. When she snuggles up to you, she is a little fuzzy ball of warmth! Softer than soft…


Pretty Petals


theme: flowers

My daughter picked out the most beautiful bouquet for my birthday since my husband was out-of-town. She also found two local, little mom and pop type book stores to take me too. I will remember this birthday for a long time.

Flying Lesson

flying lesson family of seagulls on spring break Dania Beach 032012

theme – beach

I found this family of seagulls while at the beach with my family. I realized I had never seen a family of seagulls with babies before. What a treat to watch.

Distant Sunset


theme: distant

I do not enjoy flying. If I have to fly I do it with the shades drawn. I have seen some spectacular photos my co-author has taken from a plane, so on this particular trip I tried to raise the shade for a few brief moments. Just enough time to capture this sunset.


Photo Friday Theme: Reflection

My shepherd Bailey checks for fish and frogs everytime she goes outside but it looks like she’s admiring her reflection in the water. I love how the the trees and sunset colors are reflecting in the pond. It’s a perfect spot to reflect about the good things in life!