Family Loyalty


Photo Friday Theme – Family by Kim

Nothing compares to the loyalty of a dog and is a true treasure in a family. This is my girlfriend’s pup Rocky who came on our family vacation with us. He was an old guy, but still enjoyed his daily swim and the love of his family and their friends. Rocky is no longer with his family but brought my friend’s family a loyal companion and great memories for the many miles they traveled together.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

Josh Billings


Symbol of Freedom


Theme – Symbol of Freedom by Kim

My husband and I stayed a weekend in Woodstock, Vermont and it was their anniversary which they celebrated with a parade and town festivities. The American Flag of course is our country’s symbol of freedom but even more important are the men and women who choose to defend our freedoms and put their lives on the line everyday.

I am thankful to the marine behind the wheel as well as all our servicemen today and in the past. The words “Semper Fi” on the side of the jeep means “always faithful” or “always loyal”. In the United States it is best known as the motto of the United States Marine Corps.

As I reflect this week of the 14th anniversary of the attack on our country, I feel it is important to strive to be loyal to our country, our leaders and our military. God Bless America today and always.

I used a watercolor filter on this photo to create an artsy feel.

Dramatic End of Day

Thank you Photo Friday family for choosing this shot as one of the Noteworthy top6!
Theme: Cloudy

This was taken on my daughter’s 21st birthday as we were driving into NYC to celebrate. Love this dramatic sunset as we drove along the Hudson. – Kim

I Spy In The Sky…

Smiling Cloud

theme: cloudy

I love watching clouds and looking for images but this one might be a stretch.  I hope you see what I see. I spy in the sky a smiley face. If you see that you might have a chance at seeing my cloudy monster. The smiley face, hunched back, arms stretched out in front, legs walking across the roof tops. If you don’t see it that’s OK, I’ve been called crazy before.  – Diane

Downtown During the Holidays…


Theme – Downtown

Okay… It’s not NYC or SanFrancisco, but the enchanting downtown of Hogsmeade at Universal Orlando. It was just as crowded in the streets of Harry Potter’s world as trying to get a glimpse of the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center! Below is a cropped view where I taken cropped out the crowds to glimpse the fun architecture. –Kim

388653_10150468175904220_575939219_9043651_1854241723_n - Version 2

A Place To Dream


theme: dreamy

I went with a place to dream rather a than a place that looks dreamy. I just want to curl up with a good book and watch the day pass by.

In the Alley


theme: discovery

This was a true discovery in Boston. While waiting outside for my mom, who was in a CVS getting water, we saw lots of people exit this alleyway. It peaked our interest especially since they all had bags of goodies that smelled delicious. We decided to enter the alleyway and see what was going on. To our surprise there was a teeny tiny bakery! It was like a slice of heaven tucked into a hole in the wall. If I lived in Boston, I would be here everyday.