Inisheer Landscape


Photo Friday theme – Gray

I took this shot off the coast of County Clare, Ireland when exploring the Aran Islands. We spent the day on Inisheer, the smallest of the islands.  The gray limestone throughout the island landscape is truly grand as well as the island’s many stone walls.

This photo is of grikes (crevices) in the surface. They provide moist shelter for a wide range of plants.  When the limestone pavement is covered by a thin layer of soil, patches of grass are seen, interspersed with plants like the gentian and orchids. (information from wikipedia)


Expressive Moments

DSC_0274_3Photo Friday Theme - Faces

Isn’t it so true that when you take a candid shot of a person, you capture their expression in a moment in time? This moment was on a family vacation trip with friends, and  I can tell by my daughter’s expression, she is truly happy …. a moment to treasure!



Bailey The Destructor


The photo above was not great quality but I had fun putting in the Sketch It App. 

Kim and Diane Theme: Stuffed Animal

This theme is dedicated to my sweet german shepherd mix, Bailey, who when given any stuffed toy becomes “The Destructor.”  She feels the need to remove any squeakers from a toy immediately and then if she gets a little frustrated, the destuffing begins. Every Christmastime she gets treated with stuffed toys, but usually it’s a Kong brand or tennis ball.

When she was younger, she used to eat holes in pillows and destroyed any dog bed we brought home for her. Last year, I bought another bed and put it in the kitchen, thinking she is getting a little older and would like the padding. The first 6 months, our cat decided it was her territory, but every once in awhile I catch her there, enjoying the comfy bed. (not a chewed area to be found) – Kim


3 Little Pigs On A Spoon

3 little pigs on a spoon

The Daily Post theme this week is: scale. I have no idea what hit me in the head and said, “put some pigs on a spoon” but, here they are. Just to clarify, this is a regular old tablespoon not a serving spoon. I actually had a fourth on there but it got a little crowded. Something about pigs being in threes just works. – Diane

This little piggy hopped on a spoon…

piggy 3

and so did this one…

piggy 1

and this little piggy was the smallest of them all.

piggy 2

I’m clearly not a poet.

Beautiful Winter Weather

Photo Friday team – Thank you for choosing this photo for this week’s spotlight. – Kim


Photo Friday Theme – Weather

This photo was taken the morning after a snowstorm. It’s my one of my favorite days in winter when we have new snow and then a bright and sunny day. The morning light really showcases the snow-covered branches.

Preparing for more snow in a few days… hopefully will get another morning like this one! – Kim

Destination Paradise


Photo Friday – Paradise by Kim

I was so happy to have a few days to go on a photo adventure with my friend and fellow blogger Diane. Don’t be surprised to see many Florida Keys photos from both of us as the waters are so incredible to capture!

This little spot of paradise was taken in Key Largo, Florida facing on the bay side.

House of Trolls

colored pencils

This theme came from Kim. Transform. I’m not sure if I was supposed to shoot something that was transformed but I did have fun transforming this shot into colored pencils. I think it helped with the blown out sky and I love the texture on the tree.

I titled it The House of Trolls because every time I look at it I feel like some cartoon character, or more specifically one of those troll dolls with the crazy hair, will come out of it. The colors of the house combined with the bench out front and being tucked under that tree with the spanish moss…. perfect for a troll doll. It is actually a cozy store on Calhoun Street in Bluffton, SC. This street is lined with lots of great little stores full of treasures like this one.

original photo before the big transformation


Blue Waters


theme: on a walk

The Florida Keys are known for their blue waters. This was taken from a bridge overlooking the Atlantic. (It might be the Gulf of Mexico. I can’t remember and I have been directionally impaired since birth. I’m sure Kim will let me know which it is.) – Diane

Walk About


Photo Friday Theme – On A Walk by Kim

One of our favorite travels and most beautiful walks in Ireland was the Donegal Bay Coast. We visted the Glencolmcille Folk Village where we were immersed into traditional Irish culture. We had the opportunity to learn gaelic football, playing music and of course dance.

My husband and daughter took a great hike to one of the martel towers at a cliff’s edge …on a walk to remember.